Traditional Weddings in the 21st Century

Even in the post-modern world we live in now, tradition often takes over when planning, hosting and paying for a wedding. Different cultures around the world have their ideas as to who should pay for what when executing a wedding. Regardless, everyone agrees—your wedding day should be a memorable event for all.

Choosing the Best Wedding Venue

Your style, culture, music taste, dress sense, religion, budget and family relationships will all have a massive impact on the types of wedding venues in Sydney you look for.

Think carefully about what you want and spend time discussing every last detail with your partner.

  • If you’re massive sports fans, maybe you want a bus-load of your nearest and dearest transported to the local stadium, for a ceremony outside your team’s home ground.
  • Maybe you’re a nature lover, and want the ceremony in the jungle, with the sounds of animals and the wind through the trees as your music.
  • Perhaps you want the best beach wedding ever, or a simple ceremony with only 10 people, barefoot in the shallows of your favourite surf.

Discover Who Pays for What at Weddings

In India, where weddings can last days, the tab is usually split 50/50, to ensure fairness. If one family insists on more guests being added, then their share of the fee will be recalculated accordingly.

One thing is for sure – weddings are BIG money!

The arguments over who pays what at a wedding are often blurred. In traditional Christian ceremonies, the bride’s family usually pay for all or the majority of the service and reception.

This includes things such as:

  • The bride’s dress and make-up
  • Transportation for guests
  • Food and drink
  • Venue

This is tradition, but it doesn’t always happen this way, with many modern couples often willing to or insisting to pay for their wedding, especially if they can afford it and have been living together for a long time.

Of course, there is no legal precedent that says the bride’s family should shoulder most of the cost, but people agree they should play an important role in either the financial obligations or planning of the day.

Types of Wedding Venue

Whatever your buzz, there are some exciting, romantic and spiritual options when considering your wedding venue around Sydney. The city and surrounding areas are filled with an array of choices for your perfect day. Australia is a perfect country for organising outdoor wedding venues.

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