There’s Nothing Wrong with a Small and Intimate Wedding

For most people, the idea of a wedding is something grand and expensive. It’s the reason why some couples spend months or even years planning every detail. They invite all friends and relatives to take part in the celebration. Once the wedding is over, a lot of them start married life with a negative bank balance. You can’t allow yourself to be in this situation. You have to ensure that you only spend whatever you can afford for your wedding. If you can only afford to have a small and intimate wedding, it’s good enough.

Choose the right venue

You have to start by selecting the right wedding venue. Find a place that will fit the few people you invited. As long as it’s comfortable enough and it has an excellent background for pictorials, it’s good enough. If you’re searching for wedding venues in Oxfordshire, you’re in luck. You will find lots of options. Some of them are big enough to accommodate many guests, while others are perfect for small events. Find a wedding venue that fits your needs and budget.

People who love you will understand

If you desire to get married, but you can’t afford to have a grand ceremony, you don’t need to force it. The people who genuinely love you will understand why you decided against it. Those who don’t understand this decision, probably don’t deserve to join the celebration in the first place. Besides, you can meet these people days before your wedding. You can express your gratitude for their contribution to the success of your relationship. You can also send them a message. For the actual wedding, you will only have the most special people in your life.

It’s not about making a statement

You’re getting married because you love the person and you intend to spend the rest of your life together. It’s not about making a statement. It’s a mistake for you to get married because you want to show everyone what you’re financially capable of doing so. You want everything to look expensive to impress everyone in the room. If you’re planning the wedding details with these things in mind, you’re marrying for the wrong reasons.

Focus on your commitment for forever

The point of getting married is to commit to one person. It’s all about making a promise. It doesn’t matter where it happens or how many people are there to witness it. Besides, the true test of your marriage isn’t the wedding. It’s only the beginning of your life together. You still have a lot to do in the future to improve your relationship.

Once you get past the wedding, you will be in good financial shape. You won’t keep fighting with your partner over money. Therefore, it’s smart to have a small wedding if it’s a practical choice. You can post the photos and videos later so that everyone feels they’re a part of your celebration despite not being there.


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