Are You Planning a Wedding? Here’s a Close Look at the Top Trends for Weddings in 2020

If you are planning your big day, you’re definitely not alone. And we’re not just talking about the number of other would-be brides who are also planning their wedding – we’re talking about support such as advice on what you can do and how you can make your big day the spectacular event you deserve. You may already have a good vision of what you would like, and you can always go the traditional, classic route if you so choose – but if you want something fresh for your big event and something that’s outside of the box, here’s a look at the top trends for weddings in 2020.

  • A micro wedding

Weddings can indeed be grand events with guests numbering in the hundreds. But if you would like something more intimate – something smaller, consisting only of your closest family members and friends – then you’re in luck, because micro weddings are a trend. The great thing about a micro wedding is that while you have a limited number of guests (think 50 or fewer), you have the chance to make the event more special, and you have a bigger budget for each guest as well. You can make the event more unique with bespoke décor, elaborate food (why not a tasting menu while you’re at it?) and a lot of personalised touches.

  • Different wedding hues

While most people think of a theme when it comes to their wedding, not many will think of a particular wedding hue. But hues are also a trend, especially if you would like to add a more serious and spectacular ‘pop’ to your special day. And in terms of colours, there are plenty to choose from – some top colour choices for 2020 include neo mint, also referred to as ‘millennial pink’; cassis, which is a mix between purple and pink; and yellow. If you want something bolder, you can opt for faded denim, which can give your wedding a serene and fresh touch.

  • A focus on the best lighting

Lighting has always been important for any event, but this year, it has gained new ground in weddings. And in terms of lighting, you have a lot of design and fixture choices. Many planners are now making use of unique lighting installations such as hanging lights and even tube lights as well as LED bars for their events, as confirmed by the expert party planners in Oxfordshire from Oasis Events. You can even amp up the volume by changing the lights from the ceremony to the actual dinner; a light show is an optimum choice for this as well. If you want something simple but also magical, why not add a string of fairy lights to a specific space, such as right above the cake table? Of course, you can also go for candlelight, which is a timeless classic.

  • Edible flowers

Lastly, here’s one trend which is sure to delight many a bride: edible flowers. But you needn’t stop with the wedding cake, either. Edible flowers are a big trend, not just for cakes, but also for ice cubes, in salads, and more. You can elevate even the simplest glass or carafe of water with edible flowers infused in the liquid, and if you want an even better impact, pair your fresh edible flowers with dried ones on your invitations, use them with confetti, and more.

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