Top Paying Jobs in the UK and Their Respective Skills Requirements

One of the key things you must consider as a potential employee when applying for a job is the average annual salary you will earn. It will help you determine if the position can meet your needs. It will also set your expectations.

In most cases, HR teams are quite transparent with the current salary rate for a given position. Sometimes, the job vacancy, whether posted online or offline, already details the average pay an employee can get. Ever wonder which positions get offered the highest rates here in the UK?

Data Scientist

Plenty of organisations today collect large chunks of data from their customers and online audience. Through the help of a data scientist, companies can use the collected information to predict buyer behaviour. On average, data scientists today receive around £46,000 per year.

To become a data scientist, you must have a degree in computer science, physics, statistics or mathematics. You must also have experience and background in using programming languages like C, Java and Python.


Accountants can potentially earn a lucrative amount of money each year, especially if they land jobs in multinational companies. Accountants Central London firms hire earn around £41,000 per annum. To become an accountant, you must have exceptional numeracy and analytical skills. Also, you must complete the necessary certification and training from institutions such as the Association of Accounting Technicians or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Executive Assistant

EAs get paid roughly £37,000 each year. They’re paid to handle a variety of tasks including scheduling meetings, managing emails and screening calls. In most cases, executive assistants can come from a wide range of backgrounds. However, some companies prefer to hire those who have a degree in accounting or business management. It would be best to check the job specification before you submit your application.

Website Developer

Do you have a knack for developing websites? Do you know how to use common web programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, PHP, Python and SQL? You should consider building a career in web development. Web developers usually earn around £31,000 per year. If you work on large scale projects, you can potentially earn a larger sum of money.

Alternatively, you can put together your own website development and design agency to maximise your earning potential. Thousands of businesses in the UK actively look for web developers to help them build their online presence through their websites.

Solutions Architect

Solutions architects take charge of creating designs for applications used within a company. He/she usually works with an organisation’s development team. Such professionals are expected to have a background in both business and technology.

Some companies require their applicants to complete relevant university courses such as software engineering, programming, software development and computer science. On top of that, you also need to complete the required apprenticeship program.

The application process for solutions architects tends to be quite tedious. However, it does pay well. Each year, solutions architect can earn up to £70,000.

Do you have what it takes to work as a solutions architect, web developer, executive assistant, accountant or data scientist? These are the highest-earning positions in Great Britain today. Take note of the necessary requirements and make sure to complete them. Lastly, find the best company where you can send in your application and do your best to ace the interview.


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