The Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself when Designing Your Product Label

Did you know that according to UK Trade and Investment, around 10,000 food and beverage products are introduced into the United Kingdom every single year? This is a huge amount, considering the market to which these products are introduced. If you are one of those newcomers, it falls on you to make sure that your product is not only the best it can be but to make sure that the product label you design is the perfect fit for it to get noticed. If you are designing your product label, what should you do to ensure that it is ideal for your product and business goals? Fortunately, the experts have come up with a list of questions that every product manufacturer and producer should keep in mind. Here are the top questions you should ask yourself when designing your product label.

What message do you want your label to impart?

First things first – what message do you want your label to impart? You will not be able to personally promote and sell your food or beverage product to your audience, so you have to find a way to deliver your message through your product label. What kind of product do you have? Who is your target market? How will people make use of it? How does it taste, and how do you make it? What are your product’s ingredients? If you have the proper label, it will answer all these questions. Make sure you communicate your product’s core values effectively, and it will be flying off the shelves before you know it.

What should it look like in terms of style?

Now we come to the product label’s style. What should it look like? Think of all the aspects which make up your product label’s style, from the fonts to images to colours and so on. Remember that your target audience will need to understand what your product is and what it can do for them. Your product’s overall feel and look will contribute greatly to how your customers understand it, whether it’s a product geared towards kids or an alcoholic beverage aimed at adults.

What kind of copy will sell the product?

Good and appropriate copy should never be underestimated, especially since you only have limited space for your product label’s copy. It pays to be as efficient as possible when it comes to your word count. Your goal should be to explain what your product is all about in a creative, attractive, and compelling way. If you have the budget for it, it would be a good idea to hire a copywriter so they can produce your label’s wording.

What materials and printing elements should you use?

You have loads of options in regards to the printing of your product labels, but remember that the printing work will also affect how your customers perceive your product. It’s always best to make use of advanced labelling systems so you can give your customers a good impression. You don’t always have to have a glossy label, particularly if you want a more understated appeal with a rougher, uncoated label that suits your audience. You have other options, including foil blocking and embossing, which can add texture and another dimension to your product. There are plenty of options, but always think about how you will print your label and how it will feel when customers hold it.

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