6 Best Benefits of Social Fitness

If you are new to exercise or you lack confidence, it’s easy to start your fitness journey in a solitary fashion. But exercising alone isn’t always the best way. Social exercise and activity bring many benefits, from the psychological to the cardiovascular.

Here’s what snclubs.com has to say about exercising in a group, working out with a friend, or taking part in a fitness class.

Six Reasons to Exercise in a Group

  1. Increased Accountability

It’s too easy to hit the snooze button in the morning when no one is expecting you at the gym and you’ve only got yourself to provide any motivation. But if you’ve promised to meet a friend for a morning swim, or you booked a tennis court for a game, you are less likely to let your mates down – even if it’s cold and rainy outside. You feel responsible and you turn up more regularly. This translates to consistency in your fitness regime, which helps you reach your goals sooner, with less stress.

  1. More Fun During Workouts

It’s hard to stay motivated in a workout when you are alone, listening to your music or trying to keep interested in doing 10 more reps. With a workout buddy, you can take part in partner activities to keep things interesting. You’ve got plenty of possibilities. You can even turn fitness into a challenge, with each of you carrying out a task to earn points. Also, having someone around in the gym means you don’t always have to count your reps, and you get the motivation from a friend watching your progress.

  1. Improve Your Social Life

Going to the gym and getting involved in group classes widens your social circle. You’ll meet like-minded people. You may even find someone special if you’re single. There are only so many hours in the day; why not combine exercise and socialising to get bigger benefits? If you recently moved to a new area, joining a gym is a standout way to meet new people.

  1. More Motivation

You push yourself harder when you work out with a friend. Studies show the motivating power of exercising with a buddy. This is especially true if you perceive the other person to be fitter than you. So, by exercising with a friend, you burn more calories and the time goes quicker since you are having more fun.

  1. After-Workout Relaxation

Kick back with your friends after a hard session at the gym. Whether you relax outside on the grass, grab brunch, have a soft drink or a beer, or do something more energetic like going out to a club, an exercise session is the perfect start to social time with friends.

  1. Sense of Accomplishment and Belonging

Joining a team is the ideal way to gain a sense of accomplishment, which is magnified by being in the group. When you win a match, your endorphins soar. And when you lose, you have a strong group of people around you to commiserate with.

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