Betting on tennis: different characteristics

Many bettors are interested in how to bet successfully on tennis and what “pitfalls” await fans of this sport in betting. There is a growing interest in this discipline, which is not surprising: betting on tennis online today attracts people by the availability of broadcasts, the possibility to play live or pre-match and other things. As in other sports, there are nuances that need to be taken into account when making predictions.

A rich schedule of events – a variety of opportunities for bettors

Tennis differs from most other disciplines in that the games are played almost year-round. Competitions take place in different parts of the world, and the change in season does not affect the schedule. In addition to outdoor venues, indoor courts are also used.

Thus, there is almost no off-season in tennis. The biggest break is in winter and lasts no more than two weeks. And even at this time in the line of some bookmaker offices you can see the games of small tournaments.

More attention is paid to WTA and ATP matches. The most qualified tennis players perform here. And the peak of tennis betting is seen in the run-up to the Grand Slam Cup tournaments. These include:

  • Wimbledon Tournament;
  • French Open;
  • Australian Open;
  • The U.S. Open.

Bets on these tournaments are started to be accepted in advance, which adds interest.

What is important for tennis betting fans to consider?

You can’ t be successful in betting without pre-match analysis. Beginners often try to determine the performance trends of sportsmen to simplify the analysis. But it does not always work, it requires a deeper and more comprehensive approach.

A common misconception of novice bettors in tennis betting is trying to determine the winner by the number of sets won in previous games. It is not worth drawing conclusions solely on the basis of recent events and the statistics of a few matches of the season. There are many factors that can affect the result of sportsmen in a particular game or several matches, but this does not mean that their results in the upcoming meeting will be the same.

However, there are matches that are worth taking the time to analyze – the face-to-face meetings of the opponents. It is not just important to look at the statistics and the result. It is worth taking into account a number of factors: what form both players were in, what kind of tournament it was, what stage, on what surface the game took place.

It should be remembered that the form of players varies from match to match. A victory in one tournament may be followed by a defeat in the next, or even a series of failures. According to many experienced bettors, a tennis player is at his best during a series of 4-5 games. After that, a decline can follow.

For successful betting and analytics it is necessary to follow the news, pay attention to the problems of sportsmen, injuries, illnesses. If a players have just recovered from an injury, you should not expect them to play at their full strength.

Types of bets

Tennis is popular among betting fans. Therefore, in almost every bookmaker’s office the tennis line is worked out qualitatively. In addition to bets on the winner, bookmakers offer:

  • handicaps and totals;
  • bets on individual sets;
  • bets on statistical indicators.

Other options are also available. Beginners are recommended to play on outcomes, totals or handicaps. Usually, for more exotic options, the bookmaker’s margin is higher, and the odds are lower, that is, it requires a higher passability of bets to win. Experienced bettors are looking for underestimated outcomes and bookmaker’s inattention in the deep coverage, which influenced the odds.

What bookmaker’s office is better to bet on tennis?

It is most reasonable to bet in reliable bookmakers, which are in the top rankings on verified services. The list of the best bookmakers can be found on the Scores 24 website. When compiling the list, many factors are taken into account: from deposit methods to the speed of payments and betting limits.

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