Rapid Increase In Engagement Of Online Ratuqq During Covid-19

Digital and technological advancements have become the need of today’s world. The Internet has provided access to various online ratuqq and gambling associated communities for discussion of gamblers such as forums for gamblers. The amount of various gambling sites has multiplied successively over the years- online casinos, pokers, betting have gained significant popularity among the netizens. 

Major Reasons 

Anything excessive is menacing, and gambling is known as one of the evil practices for ruining families, and bankrupting many people. But the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted consumer spending on virtual gambling by skyrocketing the number of engagements for various reasons such as:

  • Shutdown of physical gambling venues
  • Investing a major amount of time on Web
  • Easier access to gambling platforms at lower rates from the comfort of your home
  • High marketing expenditure by operators, potential economic gains by players.
  • Economical motivation


It is expected that the online ratuqq may multiply from $64 billion to $72 billion in 2021 at the compound annual growth rate of 12.3%.  From the year 2019 and 2020, it is observed that New Zealanders have spent nearly $2.3 billion on gambling. Despite the fact that Lotto New Zealand and TAB are the only authorised domestic gambling operators, it is not illegal for overseas operators to provide similar services and maybe at even lower rates.


 Various steps can be taken to help in avoiding the situation from getting worse, like-

  • Ban on Advertisement Promoting Gambling
  • Therapies to Help in Addiction
  • Physical Activities to keep the body active
  • Participating in beneficial activities such as cooking, crafting, writing, book reading
  • Involvement with Friends and Families
  • Proper Software to block access of foreign sites for gambling

The participation in online ratuqq has rapidly gone up during the pandemic due to various factors. It has led to gambling addiction, fraud, anxiety and many issues. Hence, steps should be taken to control this nuisance. ,

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