The List of Gaming Addicted Celebrities

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Being a movie star or celebrity means they have lots of downtimes. They need to work for 18 hours a day while acting in a movie with 16 hours of waiting time and 2 hours of work. So, they look for ways to spend those leisure 16 hours while being screen ready for the next shot. Just like the veteran gamers, celebrities are also addicted to games. Many celebrities are game addicted and love to play games in their leisure time. Below is the list of game addicted celebrities who love playing online video games and casinos games on online casinos. 


Daniel Craig 


The star character from the James Bond movie is a game addicted person who loves to spend the leisure time playing games online. He doesn’t spend double-digit hours playing games, but it agreed in an interview that he is immune to grasp the great games online. He loves playing online games with deep stories. There are many games that he loves playing with his friends and GF. 


Mila Kunis


Like many other celebrities, Mila Kunis is also a game addicted celeb and spends hours playing some serious game, like World of Warcraft. In an interview, she admitted that she spends hours with friends playing different deep stories games and action games. She bunches up with other celebrities, played different online games, and used voice chat to communicate with the other teammates. 


Vin Diesel 


Vin Diesel is another game addicted celeb who loves playing online games, including Dungeons and Dragons. He spends hours playing different online games and get stick to bad movie games and multiplayer’s action-packed games online. VIN also decided to launch a studio and put Riddick game, which was well accepted. He accepted in an interview that he loves playing games with other teammates and gamers. 


Joe Rogan


Joe is the extremist when it comes to playing online games. Since the 90s, he has been playing online PC games including, Quake. Joe also invested about $10K in a month to get the commercial T1 line in his residence to enjoy playing online games without interruption. He is the biggest game addict who loves playing different online games with other in-game players. Rogan admitted that Quake is the favourite game, and Joe loves to enjoy it all day long. He spends around ten hours playing different online games. 


Ashton Kutcher


From the popular 70s show, the popular celebrity actor Ashton is the biggest game addict and successful investor. He loves playing GoldenEye on Nintendo 64. In an interview, he admitted that he started the production company when he was young at the age of 21. He started playing Cold Turkey at a very tender age and spends quality time playing games. 


These are the popular game addicted celebrities who love playing online games with in-game teammates. They play popular video games and enjoy playing online casino games in the Paradiso Room. There are slot machine games and other casino games that they enjoy playing online. Other celebrities are also addicted to online casino games.            

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