How to Make Moving House Less Stressful

Everyone says moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. But it doesn’t have to be a headache. You can move to a new property without losing your sanity or any of your possessions. With a little forward planning and some organisation, you can make the process smoother and happier, and you’ll be putting your feet up in a new home before you know it.

Organise As Early As Possible

Last-minute decision-making and arrangements are stressful and turn the move into a nightmare. In a few circumstances, you need to pack your home and move in a hurry, but in most cases, you will have at least a month to make your preparations for moving day. Don’t put it off. As soon as you know you are moving, start the organisational process.

Donate to Charity

You don’t want to move boxes of clothes that you never wear. Or pack up china and cutlery you never use. Declutter your home before you move so the only possessions you take are the ones you truly need. Get rid of furniture, electronics, books and more by donating them to charity. Or sell items you know will fetch some cash.

Find Your Packing Materials In Advance

There’s nothing worse than setting aside a day for packing only to find you have no boxes. Find moving materials in advance by looking for free boxes and moving materials, otherwise, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on purchasing these new. Also stock up on tape, coloured markers or stickers, paper and bubble wrap.

Book Your Movers

Many people underestimate the amount of stuff they own. Others think of saving some money by moving an entire house by themselves. To limit stress and the risk of injuries, consider hiring a professional removals firm like This will make the whole process considerably smoother. You don’t have to worry about meeting your moving deadline on your own or trying to haul bulky furniture downstairs. Professional movers know how to pack up and transport house contents in the most efficient way possible. Book your removals firm as far in advance as possible so you secure your ideal date.

Pack an Overnight Bag

You don’t want to search through piles of boxes to get to the kettle or find your toothbrush. Pack a bag for everyone with the essentials you need for the next few nights. Make sure you have a supply of tea and coffee close to hand. And the number of the local takeaway for when you haven’t connected the cooker and you’re starving.

Entertain the Kids

If possible, keep the children away from the house on moving day. Organise childcare or have a relative take them somewhere to play. Moving is difficult with small people wanting to get involved. If it’s not possible, keep favourite toys out for as long as possible and have some new things on hand to keep them interested. And make sure the TV is the last thing to be packed.

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