How to Know if You Need Therapy – and the Top Ways in which Therapy Can Help You

There are numerous reasons why people go to therapy, and these reasons can be as varied as they come. Some individuals experience events which are so traumatic that the only way they can cope with them is through therapy, such as divorce, the death of a loved one, or having a debilitating accident, while some go to therapy because they are facing a major life decision or are facing social anxiety and other disorders. But it also pays to get professional help even if you aren’t dealing with a highly significant or severe event, experience, or condition, and, in fact, simply talking to someone can help you in your daily life. But how do you know if you really need therapy, and what are the ways in which therapy can help you? Let’s find out.

You may need therapy if…

There are many different reasons why individuals take advantage of therapy, but if you are in doubt, here are some clear signs you may need the benefit of therapy:

  • You feel everything too intensely, making it difficult to handle your emotions and deal with yourself and other individuals
  • You have experienced a traumatic event and cannot stop dwelling on it
  • You have recurrent and unexplained headaches, a broken down immune system, or stomachaches
  • You are making use of a substance to cope with stress or anxiety
  • You are not doing too good at work and have received bad or negative feedback about your performance
  • You don’t feel or experience joy in activities which used to interest you
  • You have strained relationships with loved ones
  • Your own friends have voiced their concern about you

But the problem with many peoples’ perception of therapy is that you only go to therapy if you are ill or, worse, ‘crazy’. This is hardly the case, as confirmed by the Therapy in Hinsdale specialists from The Lodestone Center. More people today are going to therapy not to ‘treat’ an illness or condition, but simply to get healthier (emotionally and physically), achieve their full potential in life, and make their life better.

Ways through which therapy can help you

  • You want to accept and love yourself

Most of us have difficulties loving and accepting ourselves, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re depressed or have a mental disorder. Therapy can help you with the exploration of roadblocks that prevent you from accepting and loving yourself, helping enhance your self-esteem in the process as well.

  • You want to excel in your career

If you aren’t satisfied with where you are in your career, why aren’t you going for something else? Are you held back by hard work and the idea of exerting too much effort, fear, or interpersonal conflict? Therapy can help you find ways to achieve a career change or excel in your chosen career.

  • You want to know your life’s purpose

Most of the time, we get stuck in a routine, day in and day out, and we don’t even have the time to ask ourselves if we are really living the life we want. But therapy can help you get to know yourself on a deeper level and help you discover your passion and purpose.

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