How Much will a Solar Panel Installation in the UK Cost? Your Top Questions Answered

Solar PV systems are a big thing nowadays, and there are many good reasons for this. As a source of sustainable energy, it is highly commendable and reliable, and, besides this, it’s an investment that has definitely proven its return for property owners around the world. In the UK, solar power has become quite popular among both residential and commercial property and business owners, as more people have become knowledgeable about its benefits – and the fact that solar panel systems can still work effectively even during the winter or on cloudy days. But if you are considering a solar panel investment, it always pays to know what you can expect when it comes to its overall cost. How much will a solar panel installation in the UK cost? Here, your top questions are answered.

General information on cost

In 2018, the cost of solar panels was at approximately £6000 to £7000 for the typical UK home, and this is already a lot lower (by about 60%) from the cost of solar panels in 2010. What this means is that installations are now a lot more affordable. But bear in mind that although the price of installations has already dropped significantly, a typical system can still set you back a few thousand pounds. So you need to make sure to do the proper research, and this comes with getting a few quotes from installers who are MCS-certified. But in the end, it’s definitely an investment well worth the return it provides.

What to expect

The cost of your solar PV system will be based on the size you install as well as who your installer is, and it will also depend on the quality of your solar panels and their brand. For instance, solar panels made from black monocrystalline silicon will be a bit more expensive than solar panels made from polycrystalline silicon.

Other factors may affect the total cost, and these include:

  • The number of solar panels

It’s essential that you get the right number of solar panels as this is the basic starting point in determining how much your system will cost, as confirmed by experts in residential and commercial solar panels from Atlantic Renewables. The number of people in your home or business will influence your system’s size, and another factor to think about is the size of your property.

  • The manufacturer

As mentioned, the cost of your system will also depend on the manufacturer or brand. The best panels are the ones that can generate the largest percentage of electricity or power. That being said, quality is important, so choose a manufacturer or brand with a solid reputation. You also need to think about your roof size and where it faces; if you have a property that has a small roof size, then you would need solar panels which can produce the highest amount of power for every square foot – and a good example of this would be monocrystalline panels.

Some popular solar panel brands include Solarcentury, Suntech, Sharp, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Viridian, Yingli, Sanyo (Panasonic), and SunPower.

  • The size of your system

Sizes of installations can vary depending on your needs and property, but a standard 3kW system is at around £5500, while a 4kW system is about £6000. Smaller 1kW systems can cost approximately £1800, while a 2kW system is at almost £4000. Happy choosing, and good luck!

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