Finding Odor Control Systems That Can Get the Job Done

Choosing robust odor control systems like those from BossTek is crucial. As such, remember that the anti-odor system you buy will determine how effective you fight foul odor in your company. Even then, choosing the best odor control machines can be difficult, especially with the numerous options available on the market today. This guide walks you through the most crucial factors to consider to make the right buying decisions. Let’s dive deeper to learn more.

Evaluate your options

There are many odor control systems on the market. That means you shouldn’t buy the first system you bump into. After all, you don’t want to buy a system only to find out later that there’s a better option that suits you best. Be sure to carefully research your options. List several odor control systems that can suit your needs. Then, compare their pros and cons based on what matters most in your company to narrow down your choice to the right system. That way, you make an informed buying decision by buying odor control machines that best suit your situation.

Both buying and operational costs matter

Two questions matter most when looking for the right odor control system. These are how much does the machine cost upfront? And what will be the maintenance costs for a particular odor system? Many people only consider the initial cost and forget about the operational costs. You should estimate both costs. After all, you don’t want a machine that is cheap upfront but very expensive to maintain. The right odor control system for your business is affordable and easy to maintain. When evaluating the operational cost, consider the labor necessary to use the machine, power consumption, and how easy it is to find spare parts in case of breakdown.

How do you want to use the odor control system?

How you want to use an odor system influences the system you should buy. If the odor in your business comes from a fixed source, a permanent anti-odor system will work for you. But if you want a system you can work with from job site to job site, a flexible and mobile odor control system is what you need. This kind of system comes with an external power source and a portable water-and-additive storage unit. Depending on the design, a mobile and flexible odor control machine may come mounted on a trailer for easy movement from one job site to another. Some systems are designed as towers to fight foul odor from an elevated position.

Masking vs. Neutralizing foul odor

Some systems mask foul odor while others completely neutralize the smell, depending on the chemicals used. Masking means covering the awful smell with powerful fragrances, which are only effective shortly before you repeat the process. Conversely, a system that neutralizes foul smell eradicates the bad odor. They go beyond masking smells by actually deactivating the odor’s chemical makeup. The system’s chemicals should remain in the air long enough to fight odor effectively. You also want to use anti-odor chemicals that are entirely biodegradable to ensure they are safe for the planet.

Choosing suitable odor control systems is crucial. You want an odor control system that compliments your specific situation. For example, it should be easily flexible and mobile if you want to move from site to site with the system. You should also evaluate the buying and operational costs to choose a system that’s affordable upfront and in the long run.

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