Features to Look for in Ecommerce Packaging Boxes

When it comes to purchasing the most effective Ecommerce Packaging Boxes, there are many factors you should consider. You may be interested in purchasing a customized product packaging solution to suit your company’s specific needs, or perhaps you require storage for bulky or oddly shaped products, or even an entire case for a single product. Ecommerce packaging solutions come in a variety of different forms, each offering its own advantages over another. It is vital that you consider the type of functionality you require before purchasing any packaging systems, and only then can you make an informed decision regarding the appropriate ones for your needs. There are many packaging companies who offer a range of Ecommerce storage solutions, and here are some of the more common options available:

Case sealing boxes – These are essentially large plastic pallets that hold your product within an airtight casing, preventing products from being moved around during shipping. They are designed to provide a solid and protective base for the product, as well as ensure that during the unpacking process, that the brand of your choice does not escape into the product. They can be purchased in various sizes, depending on your exact requirements, and come with a variety of features. For instance, some offer internal compartments where products can be stored safely, others have built-in checkouts so that customers can purchase goods straight away without having to wait in line.

Customized boxes – Most companies will offer a range of standard white box options but will often choose to personalize these with the brand name of their choosing. These boxes can be purchased as single boxes, or as a series of different sizes depending on your exact requirements. For instance, you might require standard boxes that are able to handle varying weight levels and will then choose to have customized boxes that have extra cushioning, packing material and a special coating that help to keep the items from moving around. Alternatively, you might choose to order standard boxes that are simply manufactured in the shape of your brand.

Order sizes – Another important feature to look for is whether your preferred ecommerce boxes are available in a custom or per item size. Standard sized boxes can generally accommodate up to fifty pieces, whereas per item ecommerce boxes can support a much higher number. Per item shipping rates are usually more expensive but are well worth it if you are looking to save on overall shipping costs associated with your ecommerce order. It is also advisable to consider extra shipping charges when considering the quote you receive from an ecommerce supplier, as these can often represent the company’s rate for the shipping of the product, and are not just an indication of the cost of the actual boxes themselves.

Stylish designs – Finally, take a close look at the overall design and style of your chosen ecommerce boxes. Whilst most companies will stock a range of standard colors and patterns, there are those that stock more modern and stylish options available. Leather, plastic, mesh and custom ecommerce packaging boxes are all readily available. Many suppliers also stock a range of promotional and themed products, which can help create brand differentiation and make your Ecommerce orders stand out from competitors. If you wish to promote your brand with a custom Ecommerce packaging solution, ensure you carefully check out the options available to you.

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