Dedicated Server with the Best Hosting: Get the Best You Can Imagine

With a dedicated server, as the name suggests, you have your own server. “Dedicated” is opposed, you will understand, to “mutualized”. You benefit from all the resources of the server. The amount of available server resources may vary from one server to another (not all apartments have the same size).

By choosing a dedicated server offer, you are entirely free to configure the server according to your needs. The host provides you with access allowing you to install software on the server (at your own risk) and manage the maintenance of the server yourself. Now Hosting Raja is offering you the best options. You will find the best WordPress Hosting Plans  from them.

Expenses for You

As you can imagine, the offers are more expensive but remain on average reasonable. These offers have the disadvantages of their advantages: it is you who must take care like a big of the configuration and the maintenance. This requires technical skills or to call on a service provider like Hosting Raja.

Note: dedicated hosting is ideal for high traffic websites or sites requiring extensive data security.

Compare the best web hosts

Virtual server (VPS): interesting for medium-sized sites

The VPS virtual server (Virtual Private Server) is in a way a mix between shared server and dedicated server. The virtual server is similar to the shared server insofar as you rent only part of a physical server. You don’t have a server by yourself? Then HostingRaja will be the best solution for you.

However, in the VPS, the resources of the physical server are distributed among several virtual servers that can be configured individually. Clearly, it’s “as if” you have a server all by yourself. In this, VPS hosting is similar to dedicated hosting: you have control over the configuration of your virtual server and modules. This requires a little more technical skills than for shared hosting. Note that some hosts offer preconfigured virtual servers, which make things easier for novices.

Your Should Note This

  • With a VPS server, you can adjust the amount of resources allocated to you to match your actual needs. VPS hosting offers good flexibility.
  • The VPS server is recommended for sites that have (become) too large to be hosted on a shared server, but whose size does not (yet) justify the use of the dedicated server. When you contact HostingRaja then you can ask for their services in this also.

Cloud hosting: an “agile” solution, but not always relevant for a WordPress site

Cloud hosting offers are increasing: Amazon, Google and Azure have entered the market in recent years. Cloud hosting offers great margins of freedom: you have full access to the cloud server, you can configure it according to your needs, install the software you want, scale up very flexibly (in the event of increased traffic of your site). Cloud hosting has two major drawbacks, however:

  • Cloud hosting offers are generally quite expensive.
  • Cloud hosting requires fairly advanced technical skills and is not easy to learn.

Now you can contact HostingRaja for the best hosting services within your budget. Then the options will be open to you regarding all kinds of online endeavors.

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