Best Websites To Visit If You Are Job Hunting In 2022

One of the biggest advantages of advanced technology is that it brings everything inside the palm of your hands. Whether you want to buy something new or search for jobs – there is no reason you need to step outdoor anymore. Now, if you are searching for a job in 2022, then keep reading this article as it may help you out.

Job websites can be described as the modern alternative to classified ads, which combined various job listings in different locations. Modern websites have a lot to offer- apart from the listings, there are also additional resources which include career coaching, tips sharing, blog posting, etc. These will not only help the candidate to know about new jobs but would also prepare them for it. Using top job sites is one of the best ways in today’s times when you are searching for suitable opportunities to change your current job.

In this article, we are going to list down the top sites that will help you find your dream job in 2022.


Founded in 2004, Indeed has become one of the most popular sites for job hunting. It is the biggest job website in the world with around 250 million monthly users. Also, 10 new job listings are added every second. It helps people to find jobs in all the industries, from entry-level to executive. Also, people can find jobs for different lifestyles like full-time, part-time or freelancing. There are search options and filters provided so that the candidates can search jobs by location, salary range, experience level, and so on. The site is 100% free for jobseekers. Apart from the job listing, the site also provides a salary comparison tool and a review section, so that you can get a candid view of the company before applying.


This website has become a true pioneer when it comes to digital recruiting. Founded in 1994, Monster has become an eminent name in the industry. This can be verified by the fact that around 29 resumes are uploaded and 7900 job queries are entered into the site every minute. It is comparable in usability and quality to Indeed, but comes with fewer job filters and not so many opportunities. Here too, one can find jobs from various industries and of different experience levels and lifestyles. But you would need to create an account here, which takes a little bit of time. Monster offers additional facilities like salary research and comparison tools for the premium resumes for subscribed users.


If you are searching for flexible and work-from-home jobs, then do that at the Flexjobs website. Created in 2007, this has become the most reliable source of getting hand-picked remote jobs. It has nearly 30,000 active listings from around 6,000 companies across the globe. It is dedicated and has specialization in remote opportunities, with jobs for all experience levels and industries. Flexjob has different charges for a one-month membership, three-month membership, and year-long membership to apply to the jobs and unlock the member savings. The company refunds your subscription cost if you are not satisfied with their services for any reason.


Created in 2010, this is the best website for finding jobs in different start-ups. It is trusted by around 130,000 startups from around the world. The site offers an unmatched amount of transparency by showing the candidates the right salary ranges and equity options upfront. This helps the jobseekers to reach out to the CEOs or the hiring managers directly. It can help you find the right job in different tech sectors, like Fintech, health apps, and so on.


LinkedIn has now become the world’s leading professional networking site. It has at least 800 million registered users from different parts of the world. It serves as a database for various job opportunities, along with showcasing digital resumes and a social platform to connect with professionals. Recruiters these days see your LinkedIn profile before hiring. It is free to create a profile here and browse all the available opportunities. You can also take the premium membership, which helps you get a deeper insight and added information about the prospective jobs and opportunities.

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