5 EASY Ways To Create Your Perfect Fire Pit This Aussie Winter

If you’re looking to get more out of your garden this winter then adding a fire pit is just the ticket! Australian’s love their backyards, gardens and patios, heck Australians plain love being outdoors. That’s why a fire pit is not only one of the best garden ideas going but also one of the best ways to bring people together this winter.

While at the end of the day it’s best to get a professional in for your wildest landscaping ideas, a firepit can also be a really fun and fulfilling DIY project. So without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 easy ways you can create your perfect firepit this Aussie winter.

  1. Dig It – One of the simplest and oldest ways to get a fire pit is to simply dig a hole. Now if you were to just stop there it’s hardly going to feel particularly inviting. That’s the tricky part, to get the most out of this method you are going to need to surround and line the literal pit you’ve dug.

If you are going for a very rustic look and it’s going to be a classic wood burning fire pit then using stones is 100% the way to go. You can buy stones from garden warehouses but if you’re going for a true outdoor wilderness adventure aesthetic you might as well go all in. Make a trip out into the wild and gather the rocks yourself. Line the bottom of the pit to help with any drainage and place a few bigger rocks along the sides. If you are having an issue with getting the rocks to stay in place, try using a fire safe adhesive.

  1. Use Leftover Building Material – If you’ve just put in a patio or done ay kind of large building project around the property you’ve probably got at least a little bit of spare building material kicking around. This can help save on costs but it can also help with keeping the aesthetic cohesive since your fire pit will be made out of the same material that’s already around the property.

Patio bricks are the most common way to do this since the idea of a fire is often going to come around when you’re already tackling a project like this. Incorporating the fire pit into the patio itself requires some advanced planning but can be well worth it.

  1. Go Gas, Skip the Build. – We’re talking about creating your perfect fire pit and that doesn’t always mean you have to build it from scratch. In fact, there are plenty of propane fire pits you can purchase completely pre-made. While this might not appeal to everyone it is one of the ways to know for sure you’ve got a beautiful working firepit. If you’re also more interested in getting a pit with made of materials such as glass or iron that you may not be familiar working with, then getting a ready-built fire pit or DIY kit is the way to go.

  1. Get Ready To Grill – If you’re building a fire pit primarily for cooking on it then you’re going to want to have that plan from the start. In this case, starting from the actual grill. If you’re going for a spectacle or you plan on entertaining large crowds you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough room for a rotisserie and spit. This can take a fire pit BBQ to the next level. Something to consider when going with this type of build is that you can use charcoal to really get the BBQ flavour.

  1. Go All Out With A Pizza Oven – Look, at the end of the day the question “is a pizza oven a fire pit” can certainly lead to a heated debate. While in a lot of way’s the pizza oven isn’t a fire pit in the true sense, it can serve a lot of the same functions as a fire pit. In this way, a pizza oven is a good option that should be considered. While they do take a fair bit more work to build DIY then are well worth it, because of course, in the end, you have pizza. Brick is a wonderful go-to for a pizza oven and if you have leftover building materials from another project it doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Also, nothing is stopping you from having a fire pit and a pizza oven.

Hopefully, that’s given you some ideas for how to step up your fire pit game. While some of them are certainly easy and they are all doable as a DIY project, if they’ve inspired you to go big then you might be better off contacting a local professional. After all, what’s that saying about playing with fire?

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