Five Great Ways to be Charismatic

A lot of people lock charismatic qualities. While they are intelligent and knowledgeable, they find hard to deal with others, establish relationships, and communicate effectively. If you are one of these people and want to know how to be charismatic, there are many ways you can do it.

Read on to know how:

Know When to Use Touch and Physical Contact with Others

Many people avoid physical contact and usually don’t know how to do it properly. To strengthen your charisma, you need touch. But, you must use it skillfully. Not all people like to be touched. Some people don’t allow others to enter their intimate space unless they are very close to them.

A handshake is the simplest form of touch.  Strong handshakes mean a high level of energy, lack of shyness, and openness to new experiences. Other gestures such as cuddling patting on the back, hugging, and high-fives can be used for giving praises, offering recognition and comfort, as well as supporting someone.

Listen Actively

If you talk to someone and use questions, you need to learn to listen actively. While questions are significant, you can only understand the answers when you listen carefully. This does not mean simply using the sense of hearing and hearing the sounds that come out. You must learn to listen, focus attention on the person talking, and react actively to what they are saying. A charismatic person knows the importance of listening as an active skill.

Learn to Put Others in Good a Mood

A charismatic person uses humor and smile to put others in a good mood. Also, they like to smile on their own as it makes them feel positive, friendly, and open. To build an image and good relationships, tell anecdotes and cheerful stories. However, you must do it mindfully; otherwise, it can alienate your interlocutors.

Use Gestures

A charismatic person can use gestures to strengthen their verbal message. It is about enriching your speech with gestures that will make people more interested in what you say. In communication, your hands play a significant role. You can use them to indicate directions, shapes and sizes, as well as to express emotions.

Ask Questions Skillfully

Did you know that people who know how to ask questions to others can make better contacts? Also, a question is an excellent and simple way to keep the conversation going.

A lot of people talk about themselves and their interests. A charismatic person knows about it, so they let others talk about it instead of talking about it themselves.

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