How Can You Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Office? Your Top Questions Answered

If you own and are running a small business with your own office space, then you need your workforce to be as productive and efficient as possible so your business can grow. But you have your own role to fulfill in ensuring that your employees are well taken care of and content. One aspect which can lead to their satisfaction and happiness is their comfort in the workplace.

You need to ensure employees are comfortable as they work. Making their physical comfort should be one of your top priorities. So how can you ensure the physical comfort of your employees, not to mention your clients and visitors? One way is with the use of a reliable and efficient air conditioning system. If you would like a happier, more efficient and more productive workforce, here’s how you can choose the best air conditioner for your office: your top questions answered.

Calculate your office dimensions

Your first step to choosing the right system is to calculate your office’s size. For instance, if you have an office with an open plan, you simply need to measure its width and length which is the easiest to assess. But if you have an area separated into small offices, it may be more efficient to try to cool each office individually rather than focus on the space as a whole. That being said, you can simply measure each office’s width, height and length to install a unit in each. If your office has a reception area, corridors, and hallways, you may want to think about computing the size of your biggest hallway and then placing a unit there. Otherwise, you can choose a system which can cool the front area or space for your guests’ or visitors’ comfort.

Compute your requirements on cooling capacity

Once you have your area or space sorted out, you can then calculate your requirements on cooling capacity. For example, a 10 square metre space would do best with a unit with an output of 1.5kW to 3kW, whilst a 15 square metre space will work well with 2.5kW to up to 3.5kW. The bigger the area, the higher the capacity you need. For a 25 square metre area, 3.5kW to 4.5kW would be ideal, as the air conditioning Brighton experts from Sub-Cool FM would confirm.

Choose your air conditioning system or unit

You have more than a few choices in regards to the types of air conditioning units or systems out there, and some may be better for you based on your office’s layout and your budget. You can opt for a split system, which has a single coil and condensing unit. The coil component or unit will be placed indoors, whilst the condensing component or unit is placed outdoors. You can also select a multi-split system, which is similar to a single split-type system but which can feature as many as six units or components indoors all linked to one single condensing component outdoors.

Another option would be a VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow system, which has heat pump capabilities and feature heat recovery, and this means you can use these for both heating and cooling as well. A VRF air conditioning system is also more energy-efficient, and it is ideal for large applications.

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