Wireline (Open-opening) Logging – Essentials of Wireline Logging and Arrangement Assessment

Open-opening (Wireline) logging is one of an exceptionally enormous scope of estimations and logical procedures utilized in line assessment of oil wells.

Wireline logging gives the incredible gathering spot to all arrangement assessment techniques in oil wells. Just through open-opening logging can a persistent record of estimation versus profundity be made of so many arrangement properties. Specifically, wireline logs can record arrangement electrical resistivity, mass thickness, regular and incited radioactivity, hydrogen content, and versatile modulae. These crude estimations can then be deciphered to give a consistent estimation – versus-profundity record of development properties like porosity, water immersion, and rock type. Nearly regardless, every very much bored for hydrocarbons (oil and gas) is logged with wireline instruments.

With the cost of oil at such a high at the present time, increasingly more oil working organizations are preparing for seriously penetrating, and thusly more wireline logging, to augment their benefits during this season of high oil costs.

The real running of a log includes bringing down an instrument toward the finish of a logging link into an oil/gas well. A sensor, consolidated in a sonde along with its related gadgets, is suspended in the red (well) by a multiconductor link. The signs from the sensor are adapted by the downhole hardware for transmission up the link to the control board at surface which thus conditions the sign for the recorder. As the link is raised or brought down, it enacts some profundity estimating gadget, a sheave wheel (pulley) which thus initiates a recording gadget. At last, some type of propagation happens to give a printed version of the recorded information which is known as the well log.

By and large, wireline logging language recognizes a logging overview/run, a logging device, and a log just as a bend. There is as often as possible a few disarray about these terms when logging matters are examined. A logging review is given by a logging administration organization for a customer. Throughout the logging pass/study, the logging specialist might utilize a few logging apparatuses, and record a few distinct logs on every one of which are introduced a few unique bends. The logging apparatuses utilized, thusly might be made out of numerous sensors.

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