Why You Need To Fight Speech Anxiety Before Presenting

Speaking before an audience can be difficult even for the most intelligent. According to some research, 74% of people have speech anxiety problems. These problems can significantly hinder the effectiveness of your presentation and impact how people receive your message. Luckily, you can fight and win it.

People who have speech anxiety problems may experience articulation problems, talk in a slurred way, have shortness of breath, and lose their train of thought. Through some practice, you can overcome this problem. However, anxiety to public speaking course and anxiety elimination exercises, read on to know why you need to fight anxiety before a presentation.

  • To Eliminate Fear

If you fear speaking in public, you aren’t alone. Speech anxiety often causes public speaking fear. This fear may negatively affect your career if you’re a leader. Most organizations expect their leaders to be bold and give direction to other employees. One way of increasing productivity in employees is by inspiring them through public speaking.

Therefore, if you can’t talk before your juniors because of fear, you’re risking your job. To prevent this fear, you need to work on your speech anxiety. It would help if you didn’t have difficulty expressing yourself in public. Fortunately, it’s something you can conquer by rehearsing your speech or hiring an executive coach to help you.

  • To Know How To Control Emotions

Unwanted emotions can sometimes be demons. They can portray you as a dictator though you’re not one, and make your speech incoherent, leading to a misunderstanding. If you’re a leader or worker of any organization, you need to know how to control your emotions if you want to coexist with your workmates peacefully.

Getting your emotions under control can help you to disagree politely in a meeting. During a discussion, you may encounter ideas that you don’t resonate with. Some may even be very annoying. Controlling your emotions as you give your contrary opinions can help you be persuasive. However, you risk being unreasonable if you’re angry and have speech anxiety.

  •  To Establish Contacts

Speech anxiety can prevent you from establishing contacts with strangers. In the corporate world, you need to develop partnerships with other business executives if you want your company to succeed. Through the partnerships, you can land contracts or create strategies to help you move your business forward. And the more contacts you have, the better.

  • To Increase Your Self-confidence

Speech anxiety can be a great hindrance to self-confidence. If you’re always anxious, you may be too careful about making mistakes. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to be so perfect. People learn through their mistakes.

Your anxiety shouldn’t prevent you from doing your best. When you’re not anxious or nervous, you’re likely to be more productive and deliver a powerful presentation. Improved self-confidence can also help you to accept your weaknesses and work on your strengths.

The Bottom-line

It’s easy to be successful if you’re self-confident. But this can only happen if you fight speech anxiety. Most people experience speech anxiety when they stand up to speak because of their past experiences. But as they work on overcoming it daily, they become better speakers. There are many reasons why you should fight speech anxiety, and these are just some of them.

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