Why Not Avoid Phone Use When Going Out with Friends

You rarely have time to spend with your friends, given your busy schedule. When you’re with them, you don’t talk a lot. You’re too busy browsing content on your phone. It’s not only impolite, but you’re also wasting the chance to be with them. These are among the fun things you need to do as a group so you won’t spend time on your phone.

Make it a rule to avoid phone use

You can have a game where the first person to use the phone ends up paying the bill. Be clear about the no-phone policy from the start. Everyone needs to be there to spend time with each other, and phones are a distraction.

List the things to talk about

You might run out of things to talk about, especially after a while. Therefore, it helps if you have a list of topics to discuss. You can talk about these things until you run out of opinions. For sure, you will have other issues to include along the way, and it makes things even more interesting.

Play games

You can assign each member of the group to think of a game. You will forget your phone when you have fun playing these games. They’re exciting and interesting. You can look for ideas online if you don’t know where to start. You can even have prizes for the winners of every game.

Plan future trips

Since you’re already together as a group, you can use your time to plan for future trips. These trips are more fun if you have enough time to plan the details. Since it’s not happening soon, you can use your time to brainstorm. It doesn’t matter if you have crazy ideas about a trip. You will still refine the plans. For now, you can throw ideas around and laugh about them.

Reminisce about your past

As friends, you have already gone through a lot together. You might want to spend time reminiscing about your fun moments. You can even revisit some controversial issues you faced together in the past. You can laugh at them because you already moved on.

Embrace this moment

When friends become busy, they start to drift away from each other. If you still have time to spend with your friends, you’re lucky. You can’t allow your phone to distract you from bonding with them. You can deal with your pending tasks in the office some other time. For now, you have to enjoy the company of your friends.

Since you have a chance to reduce your screen time, you need to make the most of it. Don’t forget to use EMF protection if you want to avoid the impact of radiation on your body. The blocker is effective in preventing radiation from penetrating your system. You can also share this information with your friends. If you have other sets of friends, you might want to use the same strategy.

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