Why Consider Oak Beams for Your Next House Overhaul

If you are planning to do a home refurbishment, there are several types of beams to choose from, like concrete, timber, steel, hip beams, and oak, among others. Oak beams may seem underrated, but there’s more to oak that gives your place a very homey feel. Take a peek at these reasons why oak beams would be the right choice for your next home revamp.


There is no doubt that wood is a versatile and multi-purpose material that allows your ideas to come to life when you pick your desired style for your house. Oak is one of those types of wood that are easy to work with. It can create an aesthetic effect that complements almost all kinds of interior design styles. You may go for a rustic mood using thick timbers, a mixture of thin and thick ones, or you can layer untreated wood for a new vibe. Oak beams can add a new character to your fireplace, storage cabinets, posts, furniture, workbenches, and even fences. Check out sites like bespokebeams.co.uk for ideas on which is the most suitable style for your personality and preference.

Resilient in any weather

Oak is known to be resistant against insect attacks and doesn’t rot even if the wood is untreated. Its permeability can withstand any season. Moreover, oak beams allow moisture to pass through any timber – it’s like wood that breathes. Come what may, even if it is a fire or any unexpected incident, oak has been proven to retain its shape and strength since it has a high degree of material density. It is always a popular choice for all construction projects, from simple ones to the most complicated and complex ones.

Getting older, getting stronger

Even in ancient times, oaks were historically used in building constructions and the like. Why? It is because oak is the type of wood that gets stronger as it ages. It may reduce in width, but never in length, and it always stays low in weight, but surprisingly with a high density. Builders and architects have used oak for centuries. You can never go wrong with oak, most notably the air-dried oak, which is best and useful for both construction posts and as an aesthetic element. As it is exposed to air, it may crack or shrink without compromising its resistance.

101% sustainable

Oak trees are all around the UK. They have been taken care of by the country’s designated stewards of nature. They have been maintained for ages, and you can quickly get enough supplies that will suffice your needs for your home revamp. You can find them almost anywhere near you.

Oaks are timeless. There has been no doubt when it comes to their flexibility, strength, durability, and versatility. They will generate a new character and vibe that is pleasing to the eye that will make your home a very pleasurable place to live in.

If you’re looking for beautiful and stylish molding for your home, look no further than oak ogee architrave. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

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