What You Can Expect from Steel Window Restoration: Your Best Guide

The process of restoring period or historical steel windows is precise and methodical, and it takes more than a little bit of care and practice to restore them properly. But anyone will tell you that the process of restoration is more than worth it, especially if your steel windows add to your property’s originality and value. Your building’s windows are its eyes, after all, and it contributes significantly to your building’s façade, so great care should be taken in restoring your windows’ integrity and original look and appeal. But if you are going for window restoration, what can you expect from it? Here’s your best guide.

Why restore and not replace?

Perhaps one of the foremost questions is why go for restoration in the first place? Isn’t it easier to replace the entire window instead? This could very well be answered by a professional in preservation because they can tell you if the property’s windows are such that replacing them can have a negative effect on your building’s architectural design and integrity. If the steel windows are a defining feature in your historical structure, preserving and restoring them would be better. The thing is that if you try to replace the windows with a material like aluminium, for example, you may not be able to get the same elements from the original, especially with members such as shadow lines, stiles, and the like. If you consider steel windows central to your building’s historic charm and character, it’s worth preserving and restoring them as well.

The process of restoration: what you can expect

Assessing the window condition is the first natural step in restoration, as confirmed by Crittall replacement experts like Metwin.co.uk. Restoration specialists will determine how feasible the project is and if they can restore the windows on-site or they would have to remove the windows to work on them in the shop.

They will then establish a comprehensive system for window numbering and include various identifiers to determine the different parts they need to disassemble. On top of this, the experts will complete a window survey and develop a schedule complete with photographs to show the extent of the issue and the window type.

What they will address

In most cases, moisture or stagnant water is the main enemy of steel windows, which has a corrosive effect. The corrosion can worsen if there was no proper maintenance for the windows or if the moisture was trapped or contained in specific areas.

They will then determine the level or extent of corrosion to see if they need to work on the windows in the shop or on-site. Many projects have a combination of minor corrosion along with moderate and sometimes severe window corrosion. The corrosion level is also dictated by the window’s elevation, its design, and the section exposed to water or moisture. Once the restoration experts have assessed the corrosion level, they will dismantle the window to check how it was installed and put together.

Steel window restoration is a more feasible project in many ways compared to complete replacement because it is less expensive and effortful. And with the proper restoration expert as a partner, you can rest assured that your windows can showcase their former glory and serve as a quintessential, efficient, and beautiful element of your building once again.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

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