What Kinds of Hot Tubs Are There?

One thing that many people dream of being able to have is a hot tub. Not only can they make a great addition to your property, but they can also provide a number of health benefits. Not to mention that they are simply comfortable to relax in, especially after a long day of work. With this being said, when it comes time for you to begin shopping for hot tubs, you might be surprised to see that there are many, many different types of tubs to choose from. Knowing more about each type of tub is going to help you out immensely when it comes down to choosing the tub for your family.

Features to Look at

First things first, before you can settle down on a luxury hot tub for your family, you are going to want to understand all the different features that you can choose from. The main features that you will want to look at are the number of people the hot tub can fit, how many and what kinds of jets there are, and the general shape of the hot tub. Each and every one of these features should play a sizeable role in determining which hot tub is best.

The Size of the Hot Tub

The size of the hot tub is extremely straightforward. You are obviously going to want to make sure that you choose a hot tub that you can fit into. The size of the hot tub can vary between being a cosy hot tub for one person, to being a massive hot tub that can hold about seven people. Most families, depending on the size of the family, can get away with a hot tub that is somewhere in the middle, seating between three and four people. Of course, if space is important to you, you can consider going up in size. However, this will also bring an increase in price, in the amount of water you need to fill the tub, and the amount of power it will need.

The Jets of the Hot Tub

The jets are what provide a fair amount of the health benefits, as they help to relieve tension and restore circulation to your limbs. If you are getting a hot tub for health reasons, then the jets are going to be an important feature to consider. You will want to think about the placement of the water jets, and if they would be comfortable for you. You will also want to look at just how strong the jets are, as some of them can vary between being a weak stream to a powerful blast.

The Shape of the Hot Tub

Finally, there is the general shape of the hot tub. This has more to do with fitting on your property than it does with the function of the tub, although some people prefer the idea of being able to fit in the corner of a square or rectangular hot tub. There are three main sizes for standard hot tubs, and this includes circular, square, and rectangular. Circular hot tubs tend to be the smaller ones, whereas the rectangular ones tend to fit more people. If you have a smaller house, you will need to consider how much space you will need for the tub. Keep in mind that the square and rectangular tubs can fit into corners much more smoothly than a circular one would.

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