What Is Clean Beauty?

There are many reasons why choosing natural beauty products just makes sense. Some people have experienced undesired reactions to chemicals in traditional skincare with synthetic ingredients. Others have simply found conventional beauty products to just not be as effective as their natural counterparts. However, many times when you purchase natural, you may find that the label has terms that may seem somewhat subjective. Here are some common terms that may be found on natural beauty products and what they really mean. 

What Is Clean Skincare?

You may find that natural skin cleansers Memphis TN is defined as being “clean.” What does this term really mean? Clean beauty or clean skincare is safe for people and for the planet. It should have plant-based ingredients and contain 100% non-toxic elements. You can compare clean skincare to clean eating. When someone chooses to eat clean, they reject consuming processed foods and instead only eat wholesome, plant-based produce. Clean skincare is intended to contain all of the antioxidants and vitamins needed to support healthy skin. 

What Does Organic Mean?

If a beauty product is labeled as being organic, you will find an official USDA Organic Seal, certifying that it contains at least 95% organic ingredients. Getting this organic certification is costly and companies must go through handling and manufacturing specifications in order to pass as well. Organic, plant-based ingredients do not contain pesticides or genetically-modified organisms, so they are what clean beauty is all about. 

How Is Sustainable Defined?

Sustainable is a blanket term that is similar to the term “green.” It means that both the packaging and the ingredients inside of it are not harmful to the planet in any way. For example, when you use a facial cleanser and the ingredients wash down the drain and into the water system, it should not be damaging to it at all. As far as the container that it is housed in, it should be biodegradable or recycled, as opposed to being packaged in plastic, which is sourced from the oil industry. 

What Does Cruelty-Free Mean?

It makes a buyer feel good when a skincare or cosmetic company marks their products as being “cruelty-free.” Essentially what this means is that their product has not been tested on animals during manufacturing or before being sold. It can also indicate that no animals were harmed if animal-derived ingredients were required to manufacture their product. A product is marked with a rabbit logo that reads “Cruelty Free International” if it has been deemed as cruelty-free. 

Familiarizing yourself with these terms will help you when you are buying natural to make sure you’re purchasing the products that meet your needs and reflect your core values. 


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