What Exactly Is A Sharara Suit? Check This Style Guide!

Talk of ethic Asian wear, and many women would rave about the classic sharara. The sharara is often called the ghagra, because of the flared bottom pants. Traditionally, sharara dresses are often considered must-have for events like weddings and cultural celebrations. No matter whether you are heading to someone’s reception, or want to find something unique for your next house party, sharara dresses are just perfect picks. Stores like Libas e Jamila Women’s Clothing Shop have a wide range of designs, and in this post, we have a guide on how to choose your first sharara.

Knowing thesharara

Many stylists agree that the sharara is more like crossover between the ghagra and salwar suit – both being traditional favorites in the Indian subcontinent. The ghagra basically is an extremely flared skirt, while sharara replicates the same design and style, it comes in form of pants. It matches a salwar suit in terms of number of pieces. The classicsharara suit consists of a short top, a flared floor-hugging bottom, and a scarf called the dupatta. Expectedly, there are a wide range of designs and styles in sharara suits, and you can pick one that works for your personal style.

How to wear and style the sharara?

Wearing the sharara suit is relatively easy, especially if you compare it with other outfits, such as the Saree. The top of the sharara suit is smaller in length, typically not extended beyond the knee, while the pants are more fitted around the thighs and flare around the calves and ankle. The dupatta can be styled in whatever you prefer – Tug it on one shoulder, or throw it around your neck. Traditional jewelry works well with these suits, primarily the beaded neckpieces and oxidized jewelry.

Buying your first sharara suit

Sizing is an important aspect to consider while looking for readymade sharara suit, and most brands have their own size charts. We recommend that you go for semi-stitched designs, which are easy to tailor for your size. As for the colors, patterns, and designs, you can choose between styles that your like, but bright, bold shades and lots of embroidery are ideal picks for any festive event. You can also consider subtle ones for day-to-day needs too.

Check the latest designs in sharara suits and styles now and find one that you are more likely to repeat. There is practically no limit to the looks and designs.

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