What could you find in a SERP?

A search engine results page will contain several pieces of information related to the search query entered by the user. Although you can find a SERP tracker free online, it is necessary to know what are all the information available in SERP. Let us discuss some. 

Links of websites

 The primary feature of a SERP is the webpages that will take you to the respective website’s content that has something to do with your search terms. All the webpages that come up in the top results of the SERP will be relevant to what you have searched. There will be several algorithmic standards and other requirements for a webpage to rank in these results. You will see these links one by one numbered from one to thousands. However, most users will skip to the next query after the tenth result. So, every web page’s goal would be to get a position somewhere within the top ten results. You can see the page’s title as the hyperlink that will be in blue. 

 Meta description

 As one could not know what is present there inside a link only by seeing the URL or the page title, there will be two or three lines of description that will describe the content of the webpage. You will get an idea of the page’s content by reading this description itself. Also, the keywords present in the description that matches your search terms will be highlighted to show you the relevancy. Developers can write it themselves with their content and keyword inclusions. Else, there would be any random three lines picked from the page’s content by Google itself. If you design the meta description, you can improvise the SEO requirements. 


 You would have got the SERP using any search queries or keywords. Likewise, there would be several keywords out there that could provide an almost similar set of results. So, Google will provide you with some such queries that are relatively similar to what you have searched. You can use them in your future queries to get some more results that you have missed in this session of search. 


 Search engine marketing is the booming method of marketing for businesses. If you own a business, you can advertise through this Google SERP. All you have to do is to bid for particular keywords for which your ad should appear. For instance, if you need your website link to show up at the ad space while a person searches for top hospitals, you can bid for that keyword and win the space for an affordable rate. These adverts will be at the top of the SERP with a disclaimer mentioning them as ads.

 Business information

 If you have applied for Google business, your business’s contact and other official information would show up at the top of the SERP when someone types in the most relevant keywords. Likewise, you can see other business information also when you search for something. 

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