What Color Socks Go With Khaki Pants?

Khaki’s have quickly become a core staple in many top business casual looks for men. One of the biggest struggles that many men have comes down to the right type of socks that they can wear with a pair of khakis. Even though khakis can match well with a variety of shirts, shoes and socks, making sure that you can really nail your office casual look means choosing the right sock type. Here some of the colors of socks that go well with khaki pants!

Brown Socks

If you’re going to be wearing brown shoes and khaki pants, adding a brown sock can be an excellent way that you can transition from the shoe section of your attire up into the khakis. Breaking up these colors with a more primary brown can be a great way to add depth to your outfit. Brown socks can also be extremely versatile with many other fashions.

Khaki Colored Socks

Choosing a khaki sock to match with your pants often means choosing a monochromatic khaki that is a little bit lighter than your shoes and a little bit darker than your pants. This can be a tasteful look especially when you are choosing a minute khaki sock that is dyed in a more natural shade.

Olive Socks

Olive socks can be a sharp look for lighter khaki pants and they work well when you are wearing brown shoes. They can really break up your outfit and serve as an excellent accessory alongside the khaki and brown colors.

Navy Colored Socks

A navy colored sock can be an excellent match with your pant style. Choosing a navy patterned sock that coordinates with your shirt can be an excellent choice for enjoying a matching style with your outfit.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind regarding your sock color and matching it to khakis!

This post was written by Matt Conklin, owner and sock aficionado at Lucid Socks. Lucid Socks’ sock of the month club features a random hand picked pair of socks from one of our many categories of unique and humorous socks. Click here to learn more!

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