Want a custom leather holster? Keep reading!

When one is a proud owner of a licensed handgun or rifle, they deserve good quality, sturdy and authentic leather holster. Sadly, gun holsters are not one size fits all. Everyone has different types of the gun which need varieties of holsters to hold them. Some people care for the time it takes for an easy withdrawal in case of need hence a strategic design, built and placement of the leather holster is required.

With our evolving society, fashion has also evolved and embraced gun holsters as a part of it. Fashion is a big topic for those who have gun holsters as the design, stitching, finish, and materials used can make or break a person’s look. All of this cannot be achieved at a store where leather holsters are mass-produced according to a generalized sizing system. This is when one needs the best custom leather holster.

At Kirkpatrick’s, skilled craftsmen with years of experience hand-carve out the most beautiful and functional custom leather holster in various categories. They use the best quality of American leather available and promote hiring for people who need American jobs. They are very proud to be an American establishment that contributes to American manufacturing.

The staff including the second amendment one at Kirkpatrick’s are proud to be Texas gun owners and all they are are card-carrying licensed custom leather, holster holders. They use and carry varieties of guns in their customleather holster every day for testing and possible improvement.  They are into shooting, performing in different cowboy action matches while wearing their modernized custom leather holster. They are experts at using their custom leather holsters made for hunting and fast withdrawal with optimal comfort whenever they are at their ranch.

When one decides to purchase their custom leather holster from Kirkpatrick’s, they are paying for getting the expertise of 70-80 years of leather carving and making experience combined with several decades of guns, rifles, and firearms training and experience. They realize that there are many different custom leather holster makers and each one of them masters their own craft. This makes it difficult for the customers to choose from hence, Kirkpatrick appreciates each and every customer they get to serve. Whenever they are crafting and cutting a custom leather holster for the customers, they do it wholeheartedly as if they were making a custom leather holster for themselves.


At Kirkpatrick, the leather they use is customized to make the high-end custom leather holster that is best to provide a safe and comfortable method of concealment to carry one’s preferred firearm.  Their discreet designs that promote concealment are secure for people’s firearms as they continue to provide instant and easy access whenever needed.  These are created with a very low profile and precise designs with custom touches and features for the best look. The Texas imported American leather used here helps hide one’s handgun as they still deliver a complete and whole positive access to the grip of the gun.

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