Understanding the Industrial Power Take-Off Units

Some machines cannot operate without PTO since they lack mechanical engines to aid in their movement. With the industrial power take-off units, it is possible and seamless to make this equipment move. The PTO operates so that it revolves; the power at which it rotates gets transformed into fluid power. As the PTO is engaged, the pressure build-up and the speed increase to produce more power that is fundamental in various aspects that include;

  • Increasing the engine’s efficiency
  • The power could be significant in towing broken down vehicles
  • Tankers use the power generated from the PTO to run their pumps

One place to spot a PTO in operation is on a farm where many tools are used to prepare, seed, plant, and harvest crops. Some equipment that engages PTO includes hay balers, harvesters, and petroleum tankers. There are different types of PTO, but the three are the most common.

Tractor PTO

Tractor PTO dates back to when the industrial power take off units used to operate using driven belts. Most tractor PTOs are located at the tractor head’s back and are turned on when the transmission clutch is engaged.

Engine Crankshaft-Driven Method

Unlike in truck PTO unit transmission style, crankshaft-driven method PTO is located on the front of trucks. Some of the machinery that uses this kind of PTO is like cement mixers and other heavy lifters.

Truck Power Take-Off

For trucks with pump attachments usually contain hydraulic pumps that need the power to sprinkle or force the truck’s contents out. While this is not the only purpose of the PTO generated hydraulic power, it is the primary reason these trucks need the power take-off units.

Ways to Specify PTO Units

Different vehicles, tractors, and trucks will be compatible with different power PTO units. It is essential to know the kind of PTO that works for a given automobile to save time when outsourcing. Most Power Take-Off units are customized specifically for a given locomotive, and one cannot transfer it to different equipment with different specifications. It is also essential to know the size of PTO that could fit into a specific machine. For one to know the kind of PTO needed, the following process is essential;

  • Due to different transmission requirements in trucks, tractors, vehicles, and other PTO operated machines, knowing the different transmission specifications will help get the perfect PTO. Several guides could help one to find the information they need if not well conversant with these times.
  • Since different machines serve a different purpose, identifying the hydraulic power use would ensure one gets the right size and type of PTO.
  • Check for the speed required to operate the PTO driven machine.
  • Ensure to find out the connection needed to engage the PTO and the driven equipment.


The PTO is a revolutionary technology that has shaped the automobile and other driven machine sectors immensely. In agriculture, farmers have gained a lot in ensuring efficiency in farming and increasing the output of crops therein.

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