Tungsten Applications: Everything You Need To Know

In industrial and commercial terms, tungsten carbide is widely used as a coating for high-speed cutting and drilling tools, such as drill bits, as it has high hardness and mechanical strength.

Various Types Of Drill Bits are Arranged On the Holder

Tungsten carbides are used to coat drill bits and other cutting devices. Tungsten is also a good additive for steel and is used in the production of high-speed steel (8% to 20% W) and tool and stamping steels (5% to 18% W). These steel modalities are used to manufacture abrasion-resistant cutting materials and blades.

Closer to the everyday life of societies, tungsten is an essential component of incandescent lamps, the main component of the metallic filament of these lamps. Using tungsten in them decreed the end of using carbon, osmium, and tantalum as filaments. While carbon lamps, developed by Thomas Edison, lasted a few hours, osmium lamps were costly, and tantalum lamps were very fragile.

Tungsten is also used in ballpoint pens, invented by the Hungarian László Biró and popularized in Europe by Marcel Bich. In these pens, ink is deposited onto the paper via a rolling ball at the pen’s tip. As this sphere needed high hardness and density, tungsten proved to be an excellent candidate precisely because it contains such properties.

Various ballpoint pens in the pen holder

The small spheres at the tip of ballpoint pens are made with tungsten.

The Many Uses of Tungsten Powder cannot be forgotten but as we know, tungsten is used in the manufacture of jewelry since it is a hypoallergenic material with a density close to that of gold and is resistant to scratches, deformations, and scratches, in addition to a practically permanent shine that is, does not require constant polishing. Tungsten rings, for example, are highly sought after for their excellent durability, appearance, and hardness, in addition to having a lower price than more noble metal rings.

Hand-Holding Device That Controls Smart Windows

Tungsten in tungco for example compounds are in the composition of smart glasses, capable of controlling the light incidence in the environment. A more technological use of tungsten is in the manufacture of smart windows, which have an electrochromic film capable of controlling the intensity of light and heat incident on an environment, ensuring greater luminous and energy efficiency of the place. Such devices are already appearing on the market, both in cars and real estate, and can be controlled remotely.

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