Travel on EMI with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

Few things make us feel alive the way travel does. We all long to be among clear blue skies, snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches. Like most fine things in life, however, travel costs money. With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, now you longer have to worry about how big a hole will that foreign holiday burn in your pocket. The Bajaj EMI Finance Card allows you to break down the cost of your trip into easy no-cost EMIs.

What is a No-Cost EMI

When you take a loan, you have to repay the principal along with the interest. The interest is added to the EMIs that you pay over a period of time. With no-cost EMIs, you no longer have to pay any extra charges for the loan. This means that you can now shop using the benefit of EMI but without having to pay extra costs.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

The Bajaj EMI Finance Card is a unique offering by Finserv MARKETS that allows you to shop for a number of products including tour packages on EMI by leveraging the power of no-cost EMI. The best thing about the Bajaj finance card is that you do no longer need a credit card to be eligible for credit.  It comes with a pre-approved loan that allows you to break down the cost of the product you desire to purchase into a number of no-cost EMIs that you repay at your convenience. This means that you can now go buy that holiday you have long been putting off as the Bajaj EMI finance card allows you to travel on EMI without a credit card.

How to Travel on EMI Without a Credit Card?

All you need to do is to visit one of our travel partners such as Makemytrip, Yatra, or GoIbibo and choose the best travel package to your dream destination. As you check out, you can choose the option of no-cost EMI by Bajaj EMI finance card and the cost of your EMI will be broken down into easily payable no-cost EMIs. You can book everything from hotels to flight tickets on EMI using the Bajaj EMI finance card. It is truly a liberating experience to be able to book your travel on EMIs, and that too without a credit card!

To Sum Up

The Bajaj EMI finance card is a truly revolutionary product by Finserv MARKETS that lets you book that vacation you’ve long desired but could not afford, by offering you the privilege of no-cost EMIs, and that too without a credit card.

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