Top Reasons Why You Must Opt For Fluid-Aire Dynamics System

Compressed air systems are widely used in the medical/healthcare industry. Have you ever noticed why is it that your air compressed system generates the highest utility bill? Most of the people belonging to this industry may not even have the time or realization to compare their bills. The good news, you have ways to reduce the usage and compare the power used monthly based on several factors.

There are various reasons why people choose options like Fluid-Aire Dynamics system for their compressed air systems. We shall take a look at these quickly;


A system that is connected to your device provides you efficient data on your consumption. A fixed speed compressor ensures that only a certain level of power is used as per the demand. You also have options to choose variable speed.

Compressor cycle:

Compressor cycle is measuring of amperage and voltage so that your power usage is balanced throughout the day. A good data logging system can help you to check how frequent an how effortlessly your compressor is functioning. Every compressor generally works on a standard kW value and if this exceeds, you need a system that helps you trace the error and fix it.

System Leak rate:

Data loggers may also find it difficult to read the leak rate through the output of the compressor if you do not have a proper fixed speed compressor such as the Fluid-Aire Dynamics system. If you are aware of this term, you would know how simple it would be to compare the numbers and check if leak rate is little or more.

Resizing the equipment:

Resizing your equipment is possible with data logging. If your compressor is under equipment replacement process, it can be difficult for you to know the current system if it is sized properly or not. Thus, taking support from an experienced data logger helps! As a result you will save much from committing the error on the expenditure as well as the right system on your compressor.

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