Tips to Secure Good Marks in Class 10 Board Exam

In class 10, Mathematics is a high scoring subject. For some students, Mathematics plays the role of a nightmare. Many students believe that if one who scores good marks in Maths, they should have an extraordinary brain. But it is not. Mathematics needs a smart strategy to score more. Through regular practice and understanding of the problems, one can obtain good marks in Mathematics. The primary concepts in class 10, such as real numbers, polynomials, trigonometry, statistics, probability, etc., and theorems such as Pythagoras Theorem, angle sum property of triangle theorem, and so on helps to secure excellent marks in the examination. You should be clear about the theories. Exercising many problems helps to increase the efficiency and accuracy of writing the answers. Here are some fundamental tips to succeed in class 10 Maths board examination paper.

Utilize Beginning 15 Minutes Completely

Before attempting the problem, the first thing to do is to understand and analyze the question paper. Utilize the 15 minutes to examine the question paper entirely and create a rough plan to write the answers. You should write the solutions and descriptions comprehensively.

Categorize the Problems to Attempt

Go through the problems at the designated time. Categorize the given problems level-wise such as easy, medium and difficult. First, always try to attempt the easiest problems, and then move on to the medium level problems, and then finally move with the difficult ones. Because you begin worrying from the time when you see some difficult problems in the question paper. Don’t get upset about those questions. It will impact your performance during the exam period.

Accuracy in Solutions

Use some Mathematical tricks that speed up the calculations, and make sure that your solutions are accurate. Avoid careless mistakes while writing answers. For some problems like finding probability values, partial fractions, the answer should be exact. Use natural and straightforward language. Continuously keep an eye on your watch to manage the time.

Showcase your Solutions Neatly

Your answer should be clear and precise. Don’t skip any steps while solving the problems. Use punctuation, boundaries, proper spacing, and highlight the essential formulas. Your answer sheet portrayal should be beneficial for you to obtain good marks.

Re-examine the Solutions

After attempting all the questions provided in the question paper, start analyzing the solutions. You might have made some mistakes in a hurry. Fix those mistakes and present the correct answers.

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