Tips to Prepare for the ABIM Test

If you aspire to practice in the medical field in America, there are requirements that you must meet. One of them is the ABIM practice test which is a certification exam that you must pass if you want to venture into the internal medicine profession.

The exam has up to 60 multiple choice questions, and the time frame is 2hours. You also must pay a fee of $1,385 to sit for this exam.

 In this post, we tell you more about the ABIM exam and how to prepare for this test.

What’s in the Internal Medicine Certification Exam?

The candidate gets tested in the following areas: Diagnosis, treatment recommendations,  risk assessment, prognosis, and knowledge of the underlying pathophysiology of the disease.

The test contains 18 primary categories with the Cardiovascular Disease section being the largest category.

What are the Certification Requirements?

The ABIM examination is an objective assessment that tests your knowledge and skills. To qualify for this test, you must finish your predoctoral medical studies, meet the requirements for training, demonstrate your proficiency in handling patients and meet the ABIM licensing requirements.

Determine Your Time Frame

It’s important to determine the time that you need to go over each unique topic in detail. You must set the right time to read everything, but short enough that you don’t start to forget things over time.

Seek advice from some of your classmates or consult reputable doctors. Some say it will only take a month, while others recommend more than three months. It will be beneficial in this area if you understand your learning style and the time it usually takes to prepare for exams.

Another factor that can help is the amount of time you spend each day studying. More hours means that you can complete your studies in fewer days, but few hours can take up more time. Find out first, and when done, get ready for your books!

Take a Practice Test

You will want to understand the structure of the test and become accustomed to the action of taking the test. Whether you do this at the beginning of your study time or towards the end is up to you. It might be a better idea to take practise tests several times in the study period, as they can help you identify your shortcomings.

The best way to get the most out of a practice test is to act as if you are taking the real thing. To do this, you want to create an environment similar to an approved centre. Cell phones are not allowed; there are no study guides, just you, your test, and a pencil. After completing the exam, catalogue your results so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses to inform your later study sessions.

Finally, pat your back if you have been able to simulate the ABIM test accurately. It must be very stressful to experience a similar situation. However, this helps relieve your nerves and makes you ready for the exam day.

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