Tibetan Rugs: How to Confirm That You Are Buying a Genuine One?

The history of Tibetan carpet making industry is hundreds of years old. However, it never got the importance and reputation it deserved. Even today, one can only find a few writings where Tibetan rugs are mentioned.

In Tibet, rug making is a traditional and ancient craft. These rugs are originally made using the sheep’s wool, known as changpel, which grazes in the Tibetan highland. Today, Tibetan rugs are used by interior designers around the globe. They are either used for flooring or as wall-hanging. Some even use these carpets for sleeping on, they are widely known as ‘Khaden’, and preferably comes in size 0.91 m × 1.52 m.

What is the difference between original Tibetan rugs and its counterfeits?

If you are looking forward to buy a Tibetan rug, but are worried if it will be an original one or not, it is best you buy from dealers like oatsandrice.com They only deliver original products and hence, you will get exactly what you paid for. Then again, if you have some other sources, so it is best to do a little research on how to differentiate between a real Tibetan rug and a fake one.

Here we have mentioned a few points. Keep them in mind and surely you won’t get cheated…

  1. Check the knotting style

Since original Tibetan rugs are knotted differently, they don’t exactly have the traditional design like the Persian rugs do. In fact, Tibetan rugs come in simpler design with plain motifs. Besides, the knots in Tibetan rugs are tied in such a way that it makes it look much thinner compared to any wool Persian rug.

  1. The material used is different

Natural materials used to make dyes for Tibetan rugs are very different from the one used for Persian rugs. Usually, you will find Tibetan rugs in colors like yellows and grays. On the other hand, Persian rugs are made using bolder shades like black, blue, gold, red, brown, etc.

  1. The price will vary a lot

Original Tibetan rugs are far expensive than the duplicate ones. Think of it like this, the country of Tibet is pretty small, and thus the manufacturing capacity is limited. Now, since the true Tibetan rugs are manufactured in a small number, it is obvious that they are going to be expensive.

Always make sure you are buying a true Tibetan rug

If you are buying from an unreliable source, it is best you do everything to make sure it is an original product. Inquire about the country of origin. Turn over the rug and check whether it is hand-knotted or not. If knots appear in straight lines, which are very clearly visible, it means it is not hand knotted, but machine stitched. This type of rug will not last for long.

Nowadays, most of the Tibetan rugs are manufactured for tourist markets. Also, they are great for gifting purpose. No matter why you are purchasing a Tibetan rug, but if you are doing so, invest your money in the original product only.

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