Ten Clever Ways To Cover Your Patio

A patio makes sitting outside nice since there will be a place for tables and chairs. Patios can look a little on the plain side. The patio covers Dallas will allow a person to enjoy a patio and still have it looking cool. These are 10 ideas for dressing up the patio:

Enclosed Skylight

This skylight will make the patio look like a greenhouse. It will allow light to come into the room and will help keep the air circulating. The patio will also be protected from the outdoor elements.

Build a Pavilion

The pavilion will allow a person to get some shade and will protect them from the sun. The pavilion is still open and will allow a person to enjoy the fresh air in the shade.

Galvanized Steel Panels

This will allow the patio to be weatherproofed and will allow a person to enjoy this space. They can open the shades when it is funny out and then close them when it is raining so they can still enjoy this outdoor space.

Curtains on a Pergola

This will give the patio some style. The curtains on the pergola will add some dimension and will help make space look larger. It will also allow a person to have some privacy when the curtains are closed and will help protect the patio from the elements.

Stretch a Tarp

A patio cover can be made without spending a lot of money. An outdoor tarp or other durable fabric can be stretched over some pillars. This will help provide shade to the patio and it is easy to do for the average person.

Straw Roof

The straw roof will make the backyard feel like it is a resort and that a person is living in a tropical area. This will add a great touch to the yard. Before adding the straw roof a person needs to make sure that the straw will be able to stand up to their climate and weather.

Open Umbrella

If there is not a permanent patio that can be added or if the permanent option is too expensive then a pop open umbrella is a good choice. This will be able to allow some people to have the shade that they need. The umbrella looks nice outside and can add some color to the patio.

Slat Room

A patio can be given a slatted roof. If a person is handy they can make the roof using cypress shutters and add some flowers for color. They can also paint this roof a bright color so that it can stand out. This roof will still allow light to enter the patio and fresh air.

Plant Wisteria

A person can set up a pergola and then put plants that grow on it to cover their patio. This will allow some shade and there will be a great look to the outdoor space.


If a person has a balcony the patio is great to set up right under it. This can be a great spot to go and relax. It will also provide shade to the patio. It is best to put a chair or even a swinging chair in this area to sit back and relax. Not much additional work will need to be done.

These are some design ideas for the patio. Patio covers Dallas can add some color too. This will allow a person to enjoy their outdoor space and they will get some shade too.

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