Super Bullet Tweeter for Incredible Detail and Clarity in High Frequencies Without Harshness

The ST200 may be used individually in lower power systems or arrayed for increased coverage and SPL in higher power systems. The super bullet tweeter shaped horn design offers a longer throw 40° x 40° dispersion. The plastic injected is stable and durable. The phenolic annular diaphragm is long-lasting, cost-effective and more natural-sounding than metallic shape. The use of high-temperature materials improves power handling and produces exceptionally high acoustic output.

Dynaudio Automotive

The pillar of Dynaudio’s incredible performance has always been the high-quality drivers the company has developed for its audiophile-grade loudspeaker products, whether optimized for the Dynaudio equipment, qualified or automotive product ranges.

A common objective in the development of the first Dynaudio automotive loudspeaker version was to include the qualitative performance aspects and off-axis response of the company’s award-winning home audio version and the excellent near field response and straining of the industry’s dedicated professional studio monitor products into several products that would be logically suited to bring the advanced Dynaudio sound quality into the system.

 Designing high-performance sound equipment for a car interior is far more complex and exacting than developing an improved home audio system. Besides having the most crucial objective – sound quality – the system must be with other considerations such as extreme temperature difference, strong mechanical vibrations and wildly varying ambient noise levels.

 Dynaudio determined that the only way to adequately mention this market was to develop drivers with parameters specifically designed for and customized to the car audio environment and its challenging acoustics. Dynaudio’s long-term, multi-million-dollar research and development funding, car-acoustics optimized automotive loudspeaker models have always embodied the same advanced, no-compromise approach that has exhibited the company’s home and professional product offerings as the total state-of-the-art.

The idea and experience gained under the constraints in developing the Dynaudio factory premium sound systems have hugely benefited the evolution of the industry’s aftermarket sound systems, especially regarding tuning the crossovers and turning the drivers’ parameters to the demands of a standard in-car installation. The available dedicated single way or two-way adjustable crossover networks allow further fine-tuning and complete malleability, enabling the drivers to realize their highest production potential. Meanwhile, to accommodate more highly observance multi-driver installations, all Dynaudio Automotive drivers are available individually as a separate material. At the same time, they are providing a level of sound quality staging that is quickly recognizable as an accurate Dynaudio loudspeaker system.

The Dynaudio Automotive loudspeaker models are the most refined car audio loudspeaker types available. Embodying the most creative and exclusive driver technologies, drawing from Dynaudio’s latest improvement in loudspeaker design, the Dynaudio Automotive products are more effective, more refined, and more complicated than any other automotive loudspeaker offering and place a new performance benchmark.

Soft Dome Tweeter Esotar

Dynaudio has relied on soft dome audio tweeters for reproducing natural high frequencies since the company’s origins, having perfected the soft-dome principle. The super bullet tweeter design requires a time-consuming labour intensive process where the fine fabric diaphragm is designed into a dome and then treated with a unique precision coating.

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