Some of the best Diamond engagement ring design for brides

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a ring that indicates a person having it is engaging and is about to be married, mostly believed in the Western cultures. This ring represents an engagement gift by a partner to their spouse when they propose for marriage or after the marriage proposal is accepted.

But choosing a ring for such a precious moment is often difficult. People say that a diamond is forever and gifting a classic diamond engagement ring is one of the best ideas to win the heart of a woman. Defined by simplicity and sophistication diamond rings are called classic for a reason because of the traditional diamond cut with a no-frills design that is always in style.

Here are some ideas for diamond engagement rings for the timeless bride. 

  • A solitaire engagement ring – Solitaire engagement ring with a diamond at its heart is a classic design that exudes a vintage elegance that can usually only be found in estate pieces. This kind of diamond ring only has a single diamond which is completely a classic ring and carries the ability to showcase the beauty of the stone itself.
  • A three-stone engagement ring – it can be called a descendant of The solitaire ring as it has the delicate proportions of the band perfectly balanced with three diamond stones set horizontally in a row. Three-stone diamond rings or Trinity rings are an example of a classic design that brings out the elegance of the stones.
  • A Halo engagement ring – In this ring design, a round diamond is being framed by milgrain detailing and the diamond pave halo. The negative space between the hello and the centre stones creates an illusion in the eye of a floating gem untethered by the mount. There are various kinds of halo engagement rings like split shank Halo engagement ring, plain shank halo engagement ring, double halo engagement ring and pave Halo engagement ring. Each kind of design has its beauty and shine.
  • Single stoned London ring – a single stone London ring is a classic single diamond ring that represents the beauty of its own.
  • Entourage diamond ring – an Entourage setting feature depicts a central diamond flanked by other smaller diamonds. This is a very elegant and classy looking ring which makes the central stone diamond look bigger combining the diamonds in an interrupt setting enhances both the shape and the fire brilliantly.
  • The Astor engagement ring – The Astor engagement ring is an expertly engineered six claw setting design optimising the astor solitaire stone accentuating the size as well as the shape of the round brilliant diamond in the middle. It is a very classic ring design carrying and elegance and shines to the diamond.
  • A crossover micro paves engagement ring – a crossover micro pave engagement ring UK carries a design of two signature cable bands merged in a crossover design. The meeting point is united with the magnificent diamond in the middle making the diamond look like a cushion. It is a unique ring that shines bright and attracts the eye.

With all these classic diamond ring designs you sure can win the heart of your bride.

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