Silicone Cables and Their Benefits

The world of cables is very vast and each one with a different application. The use of the wrong wire, in the wrong place, can have a lot of deterring effects. There are cases where improper use of cables taking the situation into something catastrophic too. So the decision of which wire to use is an important thing that should be made with excellent technical knowledge. Today we are going to look at silicone cable and their applications and benefits.

What are silicone cables?

Most of the cables out there will have a conducting core and a mechanical barrier protecting it. In here, the protective barrier is made of silicone. Inside the barrier of silicon, there will be conducting core which is preferably some copper.

Applications of silicone cables

Silicone cables are not commonly used for domestic purposes. They are mostly used in cases where the wires can come in contact with high temperature. The Silicone protection barrier used here is resistant to both high and low heat. So the cables are mainly used where the system will have to come in contact with adverse temperature condition. The application and use of these cables are seen in a variety of industries. The examples of fields where these cables are used include:

  • Aerospace: the field of aerospace is where the system will get exposed to varying temperature levels. The silicone cables of high quality are in extensive use in various aerospace applications.
  • Medical field: Another essential characteristic of the silicone cable is it’s resistance to chemicals and high flexibility. Both these characteristics can come in handy when it comes to medical usage.
  • Robotics: The high flexibility of these cables can be used in robotics. Moving robotics hands and other automated systems use silicone cables.

Benefits of silicone cables

There are plenty of benefits on using the silicone insulated Cable, making it suitable for various applications.

The benefits include:

  • The silicone cables are known for their resistance against high and low temperature. There is a wide range of strength for various silicone cables.
  • The wires are known to have a better life than other cables. These are resistant to fast ageing even in adverse condition.
  • High flexibility is another significant advantage of these cables. The flexibility makes it possible to use these cables in a variety of situations.
  • Most of the silicone cables are also known to be resistant to fire. This makes it suitable to make fireproof systems.

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