Selecting Suitable Partitions For Your Office Space

When designing the layout of your office, when there is ample open-plan space, you will need to find a suitable way to divide it. There are various ways to do this, but rather than build internal walls and reduce the daylight in the office, you will want to consider installing partitions. There are various types of partitions you can choose for your office depending on your needs, and below are some of the different options you can choose to help you get started.

Glass Partitions

When it comes to office glass partitioning, various choices are available that may be perfect for your office design. You will need to consider the different options available, which can include:

Single-Glazed Partitions: You can get partitions that have a frame and glass panel, and these can look striking in an office. However, as there is only one glass panel, they offer little thermal or acoustic insulation, but they are a cheap alternative.

Double & Triple-Glazed Partitions: If you like the look of glass partitions and need more acoustic r thermal insulation, you can choose double or triple-glazed partitions. A layer of argon gas is sandwiched between the glass panels, which helps to insulate them thermally and acoustically.

Switchable Glass Partitions: You can also consider switchable glass partitions if you sometimes need s a little more privacy. The glass panels can be transparent, and at the press of a button, they can turn opaque, preventing anyone from seeing inside. They are an excellent choice for meeting rooms and boards rooms that need a higher level of privacy when dealing with sensitive matters.

Curved Glass Partitions: Another ideal option for meeting rooms and board rooms is curved glass partitions. They are a more expensive option, but they look fantastic and help create an excellent first impression when clients visit you. If you want to make a statement with your office design, this is the perfect option for your offices.

Frameless Glass Partitions: You can also select frameless glass partitions for your office, which helps to increase the natural light as there are no visible frames. They can create a sleek and futuristic style for your office and help create a productive working environment for your employees.

More Types Office Partitions

There are other types of partitions you can use in your office design, depending on the needs of your business. Some of the different options include:

Demountable Partitions: Demountable partitions are an excellent choice if there is a good chance the design of your office may change in the future. They are attached to the ceiling and floor and can be taken down and moved into a new configuration if required. There may also be a tax incentive for this option, as you can often claim capital allowances against the partitions, and you can click here to find out more.

Drywall Partitions: You can also consider drywall partitions for your office, and these are quick to install and a cost-effective solution. You can also have additional thermal and acoustic insulation added to this option, so you can help reduce the noise levels and heat loss, making for a comfortable working environment.

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