Safety Tips: How to Observe Fire Mitigation in Your Business

The health and safety of every individual working in a shared environment should be the primary goal of every business. In all types of industry, there will be a risk which may compromise the safety of an employee. These events can be prevented through proper implementation and planning to mitigate those risks.

Perform risk assessment

It is crucial to identify all potential fire hazards that may cause significant damage to your business and especially to employees. Check the entire facility for faulty construction and implement appropriate safety measures. Make a systematic plan that everyone can understand to eliminate, reduce or control possible fire. You can also seek professional help from the local government for proper standard guidelines on your planning. Regularly check the plans, and implement them accordingly.

Equip with proper fire protection

Elimination is the most effective way of reducing all forms of hazard based on the hierarchy of controls. Examine the construction materials used for the entire facility and check if they have fire resistance properties. Replace them with interlocking retaining wall blocks to prevent the propagation of fire. The dimensions and structure of these materials make installation safe and uncomplicated.

Have clear fire exits

Treat fire exits with high importance because these are the passageways for all people inside the business structure in case of emergency. Remove any obstruction along the fire exit routes, for easy access. Assign sufficient ways out which can accommodate all people in different areas, to prevent delays and panic. Ideally, it is advisable to have two exits per floor. Lastly, be sure to have clear and proper signage for these exits to prevent confusion when an incident arises.

Install a fire protection system 

Sprinklers and smoke detectors are mechanical devices used to save lives. The sprinklers, which are triggered by heat, are highly effective in containing fire before it spreads to other areas. On the other hand, smoke alarms are one of the cheapest and best instruments for the early detection of fire. Installation of these proven devices can provide prompt warning of the hazard even if you are busy with work. You can avoid false alarms through proper maintenance. Fire protection systems should also include certified fire extinguishers from a reliable company.

Provide first aid kits

These are must-have kits not just at home but also at the workplace or even in your daily bag. These kits include various kinds of items which can help alleviate minor injuries like cuts, burns and ailments. Through these simple things, you can help reduce the severity of an injury while waiting for the emergency team. It is also advantageous to have adequate knowledge in the proper application of first aid, through attending classes. You can save someone’s life with this simple and basic training.

The fire mitigation plan is a well-organised way of prevention and control against fire. Beyond these plans, safety within a business facility is a shared responsibility. Having the initiative and sense of critical thinking is what it takes to control any hazard promptly.


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