Review of Exness and Its High Leverage

In forex trading, choosing reliable broker or trading company is necessary. In fact, it is not only for the forex trading, but all instruments and types of assets in trading will always require reliable broker. It is true that the success in trading will be determined by the skills, knowledge, and experiences of traders. However, brokers provide access for the traders to the forex market. Moreover, brokers have features that will be helpful for traders in the trading processes. Some features and even bonuses can become additional benefits to help the traders. Thus, choosing right broker and trading company is very important. As the source of reference, there is review of Exness.

Exness Trading Company has existed and provides trading services in forex market since 2008. The trading services and activities of the broker is managed under the Nymstar Limited. It is a company registered and headquartered in Republic of Seychelles. Of course, Exness is reliable trading company. It is regulated and licensed by the CySEC. In addition to CySEC, there are FCA and FSA that make it more than just reliable trading company for forex trading. In its services, forex can be called as its specialty. However, it does not mean that traders can only choose currency pairs. There are also other instruments, such as stocks, commodities, and also the hyped cryptocurrency. As its specialty in forex, it offers more than 120 currency pairs and it will be enough for the forex traders in finding possibilities of profits in trading.

In addition to its great services in forex trading, Exness is known as friendly platform for all traders. It can be seen from the options of accounts that can be opened. Traders can choose different types of accounts depending on what they need. For novices or beginners, they can utilize the cent account where they can get access to learn and practice the real trading experiences. Later, they can choose other types of accounts to get more access and benefits in trading. Of course, the professionals and experts can directly open the account dedicated for the professional traders.

For the professional forex trader, leverage offered by Exness can be great benefit. Even, Exness becomes one of forex broker with highest leverage. Leverage can be beneficial for trader since it allows them to use borrowed capital for investment in trading. This will be useful to open large position. When large position is  opened and the market shifts as what the traders predict, the returns can be magnified based on the leverage. Of course, this is great benefits. However, traders should also be aware that it has its own risks in case the shifts are not what have been expected since it will lead to great loss. In term of leverage,  Exness provides leverage starting from 1:200 up to 1:2000. This has become the safe standard for the high leverage since numbers higher than that will be very risky and risk management will be quite difficult. Of course, with its licensed services, it can be said that it is quite safe to use the leverage and find opportunity in forex trading by utilizing high leverage offered by Exness.

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