Raw Cone Filling Machine: Filling Hundreds of Cones in Very Little Time

These days, a lot of cannabis brands and retailers are considering automated alternatives to traditional labor. One of the best options available to them is a vibrating cone filling machine. This type of machine creates fewer touch-point or opportunities for contamination. Also, it makes it possible for production to continue regardless of labor shortages. It can fill hundreds of cones in minutes as opposed to paying staff for filling the same amount in hours.

Benefits of Cone Filling Machines for your Business

A cone filling machine can produce tons of joints in very little time. Whether you are a cannabis brand or dispensary owner, you want to look for a fast and efficient way to fill cones to ensure high returns.

Here’s how cone fillers can benefit your business:

  • Save on labor costs. An automated cone filling machine reduces labor costs. For instance, the raw cone filling machine can fill 100 cones in minutes. With this machine, you fill joint sleeves 10 times faster and better. It works by using waves to vibrate the product into the cones. Its efficiency creates more shelf-ready cones in less time and offers your staff more time to concentrate on other core tasks.

  • Produce consistent cones. A vibrating cone filler is designed to create consistent pre-rolls. With some models, you can get no more than a 10% difference in weight from pre-roll to pre-roll.  That is why you must think about machine quality. Some cone fillers have a high variance in the weight of every cone and a fluctuating fill rate.  Others can only fill cones to 70% capacity. Your brand needs to offer customers consistent-quality pre-rolls to stay competitive.

Factors to Consider when Buying Cone Filling Machine

When shopping for cone filler, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Life cycle. Take the materials used in the machine’s construction into account as this has a say on how long it may last. A cone filler made from steel will last longer and require less maintenance than those made of foam or plastic.
  • Capacity. If you require high-volume production, invest in a commercial-grade filler. Production capacity can range from 3, 000 per day to over 25, 000.
  • Every vibrating pre-roll machine uses a unique proprietary approach. Some cone fillers vibrate flower into the cones in layers, eradicating loose joints, air pockets, and gaps. However, other machines shake the material into the cones simultaneously and in bulk, possibly creating loose joints or gaps.

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