On the Basis of Your Enneagram Type, Which Ring Style is Best for You?

There are many couples who love to experiment, and nowadays there are also a few of them who want to try on a bit with their personality typing fun and get an engagement ring in Singapore according to their Enneagram type. So, if you are unsure where to begin, let this article guide you.

  • Bezel Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is also referred to as The Reformer. The Type Ones would be indulged in making this world a better place to live in, but not too indulged for deserving this ultimate symbol of love they have found. Selecting an engagement ring for a Type One articulates the natural balance of being thoughtful and pragmatic. In this ring, the stone is entirely secured in the metal setting which keeps it safe and snug while strutting off the amazing intricacies of the diamond stone. No matter if you select a round, pear, cushion, or an emerald cut stone, the bezel cut chooses to remain timeless and will always transcend the trend.

  • Halo engagement ring

This is the best for Enneagram angles which can also be called The Helper. The halo setting is perfect for the supportive nature of a Type Two, which is usually an embrace of diamonds surrounding a central stone. While the halo signifies the support you bestow onto others, it also signifies the protection you are given in your relationship and is a reminder that you are loved no matter the sacrifices you make to nurture others deeply.

  • Pear shaped engagement ring

The Type Three or achievers are often deemed as image conscious, they tend to focus more on the charm and the adaptable energy that carries along when selecting an engagement ring. A pear shaped ring amazingly mirrors your dual side— a sharp wit and a soft heart. The asymmetry of the pear shape expresses your versatility and your affinity to stand out from the rest. This ring will also attract many compliments on its stylish shape.

  • Gemstone engagement ring

Type Four is the most different personality on the group. Hence, for them a gemstone engagement ring is the best answer for them. For them a typical diamond wouldn’t suffice, as it wouldn’t be suitable for their atypical nature. For them, a colored gemstone would easily align with their bold and outspoken nature while the diamond choices like opal, moonstone, and pearl are beautiful choices for a traditional engagement ring.

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