Maximizing earnings- Tips for freelancers on fiverr and memvers

Fiverr and Memvers are two of the most popular freelance marketplaces, providing a platform for freelancers to sell a variety of digital services. With so much competition, it is tricky to maximize earnings on these sites. Here are some tips to help freelancers boost their income potential on both Fiverr and Members.

Optimize your gig descriptions

Your gig title and description serve as a sales pitch, so make sure they are optimized to convert browsers into buyers. Use keywords and phrases buyers search for. Write irresistible gig copy highlighting the value you deliver. Include testimonials and convey why you’re the best fit for the job. Update gig photos and videos to showcase your skills.

Price your gigs strategically

On both Fiverr vs Memvers sites, gig pricing factors into visibility in search results. On Fiverr, moderately priced gigs around $50 tend to get the most orders. On Memvers, pricier gigs over $500 get promoted for premium talent. Consider your gig pricing carefully based on factors like demand, work required, and competition.

Offer package deals

Bundle commonly purchased gigs into discounted packages. A social media package with graphic design, copywriting, and analytics gigs priced together saves buyers money. Package deals also let you cross-sell your skills and increase potential order sizes. Both Fiverr and Memvers allow you to upsell upgrades and add-ons to generate more revenue per order. For example, offer faster delivery or premium materials as optional upgrades. Use add-ons strategically without devaluing your core offerings.

Promote your profile

An unfindable profile won’t attract clients on either platform. Fill out your seller profile completely using relevant keywords. Get positive reviews by over-delivering on orders. Share your profile on social media and Offline with your network. Ask satisfied buyers to provide testimonials.

Master your chosen niche

Buyers want to hire proven experts in a specific niche. Build a strong reputation on both marketplaces by focusing deeply on your chosen niche like voiceover work or web design. Outpace sellers who dabble in too many unrelated gigs.

Cultivate repeat customers

It takes less effort to complete orders for recurring clients. Deliver exceptional service so buyers hire you again and again. Offer incentives for repeat purchases and loyalty discounts.

Be responsive

Timely communication is key, especially when initially discussing project details with potential clients. Set expectations upfront for your response times being the slow to reply results in losing the job to faster sellers. The algorithm rewards active sellers with higher search rankings. Update your gigs regularly, respond to messages quickly, and fill orders on time. Taking breaks for too long pushes your profile down in results.

Learn SEO best practices

Use target keywords naturally in titles and descriptions. Include schema markup in your profile. Earn backlinks by contributing as a thought leader to build domain authority.  Displaying past work and client reviews helps convince buyers you’re the best fit. For gigs like design and writing, include samples directly on your profile. For other services, provide video demos showing your process to build trust.

Offer limited-time discounts

Timed discounts create urgency for buyers to place an order. Try short-term percentage discounts or bundled service offers to attract first-time buyers. But creatively optimizing your gigs, profile, and reputation over time will help maximize your earnings. Stay patient, deliver amazing service, and keep learning to unlock your income potential on these leading freelance sites.

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