Licenses required to open a restaurant in India

Opening a restaurant can be an overwhelming process. You need to choose a restaurant concept, the right location, hire quality staff, get licenses and market the restaurant just right.

Pause. We’re in this with you.

With the right rules & knowledge in hand, even getting a restaurant license can turn into a cakewalk. This post will help you navigate the legal processes and requirements of opening a restaurant. These are the most critical restaurant licenses required to open a restaurant, obtaining them will ensure that your restaurant operates legitimately.

  • FSSAI  License 

The FSSAI license, also known as the Food License is one of the most important licenses required to open a restaurant. It is obtained from the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India).

This restaurant license is not merely a license, on the contrary, it also serves as an approval by the authority and ensures the customers that the food of that particular restaurant affirms to the food safety standards of India. It is necessarily a unique 14 digit registration number that is given to manufacturers, traders, and restaurants. It is mandatory to print it on all food packages.

  •  Liquor License 

If your restaurant serves liquor, then procuring the Liquor License is a must. This can be obtained from the Local Excise Commissioner, and the forms are available at the respective State Government websites. Having this license is exceptionally crucial since if you sell liquor without the above-said license, you can incur a huge penalty and also be forced to shut down the premises permanently.

  • Health/Trade License 

This license ensures that your restaurant stands corrected under the health concerns of the Health Department. It will need around 60 days to be issued to you after your submission of the form and documents.

  • Eating House License 

The Eating House License is provided by the Licensing Police Commissioner of that city where you would want to open the outlet.

Shop and Establishment License 

To run a food business in India, you must register your restaurant under the Shops and Establishment Act. For anything from a food truck to a fine dining restaurant. You need to register your restaurant within 30 days of the commencement of your business. This license is city specific.

  • Fire Safety License 

A restaurant must protect their customers from all things dangerous, be it adulterated food products or hazards such as fire. A No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from the fire department is thus required to run a restaurant.

  • GST Registration

GST that came into force since the 1st of July, 2017, has kept everyone hitched to it with these frequent changes. Both the restaurant industry and the government have been in loggerhead for long. Even then registering in GST is one of the major things that your restaurants must do, which will ensure that your restaurant runs seamlessly.

Here in this article, we have understood the license required for FSSAI registration, it will surely be useful for you to grow your business.

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