It’s Only Right That Your Dog Gets a Vacation While You Are Having One

Obviously, we would all like to take our pets with us everywhere we go, but sometimes that is just not possible and we need to find alternative ways for someone else to take care of our dog. You could ask the neighbour to pop in from time to time, but what if they forgot and your dog didn’t get fed or watered for a time. You are going away on business or on vacation and you are staying in a nice hotel, so it only seems fair that your beloved dog should get a treat as well. The best way to ensure that your pet is being properly taken care of is to put it in your local dog boarding facility.

There are a few specialist businesses that offer dog boarding in Sydney and leaving your pet with them, is one of the kindest things that you can do. This isn’t like leaving your dog with a relative where it will get the bare amount of attention. When you are leaving your dog at one of these establishments, you are really treating your animal to something very special. They make a real fuss over your furry friend and provide the following services.

  • The food that they provide is exceptional and it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that all dogs need. If your dog has a specialised diet, then they can cater for that as well. Treats and snacks are also part of the stay there and the guys who work there will always give a little bit more because they are such animal lovers.
  • Your dog gets its own individual space where it can relax and while away the hours or days until your return. Look at it as its very own hotel room with 24 hour room service available. They love to give lots of attention there, so it may not even miss you and may be disappointed when you try to take it home to your house. Owners have been known to have to coax their dogs out of these fine establishments.
  • There is regular dog walking and a play area for your pet and if your dog behaves well with other animals, then it will have a ball. In the unlikely event that your dog is not feeling the best, there is a vet on standby 24 hours a day to take care of it and nurse them back to full health. They will of course contact you immediately and keep you up-to-date on what is going on and the progress being made. You can rest assured that your dog will be in the best hands.

Treat your dog with a bit of a holiday as well and book them into your local dog boarding kennels in Sydney. It will be like a home away from home, but better and you can continue with your holiday knowing that your dog is as happy as you are. Your dog will thank you for allowing it to stay there, if it could.

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