Investing In Renewable Energies What Are Renewable Energies?

Energy is said to be renewable when its energy source uses inexhaustible natural resources. They are therefore considered renewable energies:

Wind energy: obtained from the wind.

Solar energy: whose origin is the sun. The main technologies are solar photovoltaic (which uses sunlight) and solar thermal (which uses the sun’s heat).

Hydraulic or hydroelectric energy: energy obtained from the flow of fresh water from rivers or waterfalls from reservoirs.

Biomass and biogas: energy extracted from organic matter.

Geothermal energy: energy obtained inside the earth.

Tidal energy: energy obtained from the tides.

Wave or wave energy: energy obtained from waves.

Bioethanol: organic fuel suitable for automotive and domestic use.

Biodiesel: organic automotive fuel made from vegetable oils and methanol.


Depend less on other countries by diversifying energy suppliers.

Encourage the production of renewable energies, taking advantage of strategic locations such as Spain on the path to energy efficiency.

Encourage Participation In Renewable Energies

The EU’s response has been clear: increase investment to avoid dependence on Russia for oil and gas. The EU will invest €300 billion by 2030. Of this amount, only 12 billion will go to oil and gas, and the remaining 288 billion being invested in clean energy.

The final objective is that, by 2050, 66% of the electricity consumed in Europe will come from renewable energies. Euros, being a pioneer in investing in renewable energies.

At some companies such as e360 Power for example, they want to facilitate private investment in the renewable energy sector. In return, investors receive their digital shares and a monthly income from the sale of electricity. Find out how the company works. The average return is around 8% (depending on each project).

How To Invest In Renewable Energies?

The energy sector is safe and growing, especially everything related to renewable energies and Carbon Credit Trading. Therefore, many investors normally seek information on how to invest in renewable energies. This is why we are going to explain the

The best ways to invest in renewable energy:

  • Stocks: the most traditional way to invest in renewable energy
  • Funds: the safest option
  • ETFs: more risk
  • Crowdfunding: participation au capital
  • Crowdlending: financing through loans

Key Points To Remember

To invest responsibly, there are several techniques

  • Exclude certain industries
  • Focus investments on renewable energies and recycling
  • Exclude companies with bad social behavior
  • Focus its investment research on very virtuous companies in social terms.

Instead of excluding or being very selective on sectors of the economy, it is also possible to look, among all listed companies, at those that display the best ESG, environmental, social, and governance indicators.

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